East Tennessee Outdoors… Adventure of a Lifetime Part 3

Published 1:27 pm Tuesday, September 8, 2020




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So, you want to take a trip of a lifetime. Whether you are looking to go hunting for trophy deer, elk, moose or bear or you want to fish in virgin waters at the top of the world, fishing and hunting trips just don’t happen.

They have to be planned down to the last detail to guarantee you are happy with the outcome of the trip.

I have been blessed because I have been able to take several of these trips. Some were better than others, but all taught me something about myself and the game or fish I was pursuing.

As I stated last week, there are several things you need to keep in mind before booking one of these trips. The first is to research and find the right guide, or lodge that suits your needs.

I have taken a few of these guided trips that I would have paid money if I had been anywhere else.

I have also had my life endangered and my entire trip spoiled because of a guide’s lack of basic knowledge. All of this could have been avoided if I had researched the guide first.

Next, make sure you know what to take and what to leave at home on one of these trips.

Is there a limit on how much gear you can take? What will you need and what will be provided by the guide? Know the answers to these questions before the trip and don’t assume anything from your guide.

Another thing to remember when planning one of these adventures is to give serious consideration to the people who are going on this trip with you. How well do you know them? Will they make you miserable while you are a hundred miles from the nearest town?

I have been lucky because I have taken fishing trips with people that I respect and enjoy their company. But, let’s be honest. There are some people who are just annoying and can spoil an entire trip for everyone.

Also, don’t forget to take the little comforts that can make a trip extra special. For me, it was something as simple as a head net to keep away mosquitoes.

Someone once said that the national bird of Canada is the mosquito, but I did not believe it until I had to tolerate them for six days. During my first fishing trip to Canada, I would have paid $100 for a mosquito net.

There are other things to consider when planning one of these trips, but one of the most important is to plan for the weather.

Yes, it is 86 degrees and sunny when you leave East Tennessee, but when you get to where you are going, don’t expect the weather to cooperate to suit your clothing.

On one fishing trip to Canada, we left the second week of July. East Tennessee weather was sunny, bright and hot. When we got to our destination, the temperature was below freezing and it was snowing.

On another trip, I was fishing the Niagara River in October. We had packed for cold weather but not wet weather.

As we were fishing, it started to rain and then sleet. Before it was over, we were in a small snowstorm and started suffering from the early signs of hypothermia.

Our guide complimented us on our toughness but made us get off the water before full hypothermia set in. If we had researched a little, we would have packed the right clothes and gotten more enjoyment from the trip.

There are many things to consider when taking an adventure of a lifetime. Whether you are hunting grizzlies or fishing for salmon, a well-planned trip can make a big difference and give you positive memories that will last a lifetime.