Kids Talk About God: How should we pray for our country?

Published 1:13 pm Friday, September 11, 2020

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This column features prayers written by children who participated in a Kids Talk About God Arts Festival at a church in Southern California. They wrote prayers to God for America and drew art to illustrate them.
During the presentation in front of a live audience, one of the children asked me a question I’ll never forget: “Are you the president?” I replied, “Did you vote for me?”
In the wake of September 11, many voices of spiritual recovery have resounded throughout our country. Have we stopped to hear the children, speaking to God from their hearts? Have we taken note of their prayers for America?
Listen: “Dear God: I want to pray for my family. Please let the president be OK wherever he is. Please let the poor people be OK. And please let my sister be nice to me. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.” (Rachel, age 7)
“Dear Lord: We’re having a war in America. Please help the people that are injured or hurt. Please be with the soldiers who are fighting for us. Help us win the war and live peacefully. Be with the people who lost families. Amen.” (Jennifer, 10)
“Dear Heavenly Father: Please forgive those who attacked America on September 11, 2001. Please let those who are still depressed about 9/11 revive and live their lives to the fullest. God, please bless America. Please let America’s flag stand tall forever.” (Caroline, age unknown)
“Heavenly Father: Please help the U.S.A. get through the war on terrorism. Please help all the sick people get better. Thank you for all the food you gave the U.S.A. Help us teach other people about you. You are our only comfort to get over September 11, 2001.” (James, 10)
“Dear Heavenly Father: Please help other non-Christian people, and save them so they will go to heaven, the promised land. In your name, we pray. Amen.” (Hannah, 10)
“Dear God: Thank you for giving me a wonderful life in America and for giving us a very good president to believe in. Can you please let everyone have a happy life to live. Thank you for giving us a trustful teacher and a God to teach us. Amen.” (Ester, 10)
“Dear God: Thank you for this wonderful day. Please let our president not get stressed or depressed. Please don’t let there be any more wars. Please just let there be peace. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.” (Michael, 10)
“Dear God: Please help prevent terrorism in our country. There is a war going on in Afghanistan, and our president is thinking very hard to keep us safe. So please help us. Love, Gloria.” (Gloria, 10)
“Dear God: While we look for Bin Laden, please let nothing bad happen. If something bad happens, please protect us, keep us safe and be on our side. Let us keep our freedom, let us win and let us get along with Afghanistan. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.” (Name unknown)
“Dear Lord: Please help the poor. It’s really sad. Some families hate other people, and some do not praise you and do not love you. I love you, even if I have to die. Love, Grace.” (Grace, age unknown)
“Dear God: Please help America to have peace! Help all the people to survive and give the United States quietness so it would be very peaceful. God, be our savior, and help other people to believe in you so this would be a better place. Amen.” (Name unknown)
“Dear God: Thank you for my heart. Please forgive my sins. Thank you for not hating us. I love you. You are the best God anyone can ever have. Thank you for washing our sins. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.” (Name unknown)

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