Reader says fuss about wearing masks is ‘hoax”

Published 2:06 pm Tuesday, September 15, 2020

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To the Editor:
In a previous article I reported that the size of the coronavirus based on information from Google via my cell phone was 8.8 and 10.88 microns. Further investigations from other resources have proved this figure incorrect. (Beware of information from Google.  Remember Google management has an agenda which leads them to censor/distort information.) The actual size is 125 nanometers or 0.125 microns which is much smaller than previously reported. The latest information was from Dr. Gram, physician and president of Attitude Face and Eye in Phoenix, Ariz. Dr. Gram, who has 30 years of experience, states that you must use an electron microscope to see this virus. It would take 1,000 viruses placed end to end to equal the width of one typical human hair. What this means is that the celebrated NIOSH 95 mask does not have the ability to stop the virus. In fact there are few, if any, masks that will stop a particle of that size. If a person already has COVID-19 then a mask will stop or slow down any large droplets associated with sneezing or coughing but it will not stop the virus itself.
Before proceeding let’s look at some facts you will not see on the cable news networks since they either distort, give partial reports or lie about items that don’t agree with their agenda. Consider Sweden: there was no lockdown, no mask mandates and no major distance requirements. The media predicted a calamity that never happened. Not even close. Cases have gone way down, deaths have gone down and the number of severe cases are near zero. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem had no shutdown and no mask mandates. Their number of cases and death rates have remained low through August. If they continue this procedure and the cases do begin to rise later as they have in other areas they will experience trends similar to that of Sweden. Similar trends have been experienced in Georgia, Arizona, Florida and Texas where mask mandates were not issued and only limited lockdowns occurred. On the other hand, California issued a strict mask mandate. Three weeks afterwards the number of cases tripled compared to the period before the mandate. Those who said that masks would cure the COVID-19 problem were either ignorant, lying or both. Mask mandates do not prevent the spread of COVID-19. Herd immunity seems to be the key. Beware of the celebrated fast track vaccines.
Thus all the fuss we hear about wearing masks is nothing more than a hoax. All it does is give people a false sense of security. Then we must ask what is going on? First of all we know that the CDC and NIH (Dr. Fauci)  have had this information all along. They are fully aware of this predicament. The only reasonable conclusion is that they have an agenda that must include the use of fear to control people and use mask mandates to give people a false sense of security and avoid the downside of masks. Their use of selected data and distortion has led to a wide spread level of fear that is unprecedented except in war times. The media has been the perfect device for spreading that fear. You hear a continuous stream of distorted claims relative to masks, some of which are contradictory. In addition you seldom hear the full story. In many cases you only hear of special cases that do not represent the normal or average situation. But the media presents it in such a way that it is portrayed as if that is what is happening everywhere when it is not. This also enhances fear. You mix this along with intimidation from the CDC and NIH and you know why so many politicians go along with this game and in some cases use this to further their personal agenda and/or try to convince the public that they are protecting them which helps maintain their approval ratings. Unfortunately, the masses are susceptible to the constant bombardment (fear mongering) of the media and are thus willing to sacrifice their freedoms (constitutional rights) in order to obtain what often turns out to be a false sense of security. If fear takes over, people become irrational and don’t consider the potential loss of personal freedoms. One of the historic techniques for eliminating freedoms is to use fear then guarantee the people’s security (hope) when they relinquish the freedom(s). There are many people in this nation that have become so fearful (bought the claims of bureaucratic liberal elites and the media) that they will condemn/harass anyone who does not wear a mask. A few become hysterical. Facts mean nothing to such indoctrinated persons. Fear has taken control of their life; not reason or logic. You just wonder if the whole mask mandate is a test to see how the public will respond to other man initiated mandates and thus prepare the way for more sinister mandates such as a vaccine with a chip/electro-chemical ID. It is amazing how many have accepted this mandate without any questions. The use of the fear of dying has been effective even though the mortality rate is relatively low. Future mandates will result in further intrusions into our personal lives which may jeopardize our freedoms.
In fact a mask is detrimental in that it provides a warm moist environment in which the virus as well as other germs can live and be transmitted to others. It also decreases your oxygen intake and increases your CO-2 intake both of which are detrimental to your health. If you have the virus you will still transmit it to others from the mask thru the air or by touching the mask then touching yourself or other surfaces from which others can get the virus. In essence a mask encourages/promotes transmission. As indicated previously there have been cases when the infection rate has increased after a mask mandate had been issued. In other cases after a breakout has began or occurred, the politicians claim that the infection rate has gone down after a mask mandate has been instituted. The truth is that the part of the population that was susceptible to the virus had been infected after which the rate would go down whether there is a mask mandate or not. Remember many people have an immune system that fights off the virus. This is reflected in the data that only 9.24% of the total persons tested have been positive and the associated death rate is 0.30 % of those tested. Relative to the total U.S. population the mortality rate is 0.04% which indicates that your chance of not dying from COVID-19  is around 99.96%. Why doesn’t the CDC and NIH (Dr. Faiuci) report the data in this fashion? Is this also a part of a hidden agenda? Relative to the low death rate you wonder if there is such a dramatic need for a vaccine except for those in nursing homes and assisted living facilities  In addition, details about these fast tracked vaccines is quite disturbing. Beware! In any event when you are out in the public these days it is almost like being in a Muslim controlled nation where all the women wear veils. The public looks rather alien. It just seems weird in America.
The other thing is that in local newspapers and TV daily give you an update on the number of new cases and the totals thus far. In an August 21 newspaper it reported that in Carter County the average number of new cases per 100,000 was 27.23 which is 0.027 % which is hardly news worthy except to keep bombarding the public thus making it sound much worse than it is. Why don’t they report over the same period of time the number of heart attacks and the number of deaths due to heart problems, number of new cancer patients and the number that died, number of gall bladder attacks, gastric problems, urinary tract problems, strokes, etc. This would give people a sense of comparison. On a larger scale this is also happening in the national news media.
It seems to be important to those with a particular agenda to maintain a certain level of fear so that the public will quickly accept a vaccine even if a chip or some similar electro-chemical ID is associated with it. Some of the proposed vaccines are reported to contain aborted fetal tissue and thus many Christians will refuse to accept it. Requiring a chip or some other electro-chemical ID is also a problem for most Christians. This could be used as a means to discriminate against Christians; i.e., if you haven’t been vaccinated, you can’t do certain things such as attend a concert  enter certain stores, participate in certain events, purchase food or gas and the list goes on. This happened to the Jewish people in Germany during WW II. Don’t ignore this (shrug this off as if it can’t happen) in light of the fact that church services and gatherings have already been discriminated against; i.e., forced to shut down. In some cases small Christian meetings in homes have been banned while demonstrators and rioters have been allowed to gather. All of this is unconstitutional. But the people have bowed to such orders to a great extent out of fear. Another example of using fear is that the CDC warned that the COVID-19  antibodies may not last that long. This further enhanced people’s desire to want to take the questionable vaccine. Re-infection is rare but it can occur. For instance I had chicken pox twice; once while living in New York on a dairy farm and later in West Virginia.  In any event we are slowly losing our rights/freedoms.
Upon reflecting on the past, you wonder where did all this quarantining, social distancing, mask wearing and shut down schemes begin. It began in China and was transferred to the most of the world. Have we all been manipulated by the Communist Chinese Government? If so, the liberal elites and progressives have used it to further their agenda for a one-world government and the dissolution of the United States. This is the opposite of the goals of the present American leaders.
It is important that all public officials realize that when they violate (go against) the
biblically based U.S. Constitution you are violating the law and will be judged sooner or later. The use of fear or any other techniques to eliminate personal freedoms enshrined in the Constitution is a treasonable act against the citizens of the United States.
 J. Ronald Winter

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