That Burns My Biscuits!

Published 12:22 pm Tuesday, September 15, 2020

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Greeting Faithful Readers!
I hope things are going well with you and your families during the pandemic. Of course, I believe that wearing a mask, washing hands frequently and practicing social distancing works. So, those of you who do these things may help those who do not to see how beneficial it is to follow these suggestions. Keep up the good work!
If only those of us who want a clean county and town could be a positive influence on those who trash not only their own property, but everywhere they think they can get away with dumping their nasty stuff. People who have no regard for the world we have been entrusted to care for must surely be very bad people as they do not understand that when they destroy our environment, we will be gone from the earth soon after. Most of us who live here believe that God made the earth. Should we not respect Him by keeping it as beautiful and healthy as we are capable of doing? I believe so.
It’s bad enough that huge companies pollute and destroy the earth and therefore, peoples’ health. Most of us know someone who has lost their life to an illness caused by poisons from big business. Look at Roundup: I have always known that it had to be dangerous and now lawyers are begging us to get in on the lawsuit to get money from the company. I know some need that money for hospital bills, but we should be working on eliminating Roundup and others like it from the world. Roundup swore it was “safe.” Nope! It is making people very sick and some are dying from using it, yet it has not stopped. How can anyone ignore that? We should be writing congressmen and women to have it eliminated. The U.S. should stop production and make laws to protect its citizens from such toxic products. We can learn safer, cleaner ways to get rid of those pesky insects and other critters that bother us so much.
Example:  If you have weeds or that pesky old kudzu, get some goats or pigs, they love it and get down to the roots. You can rent goats…
If you dump your garbage anywhere you please, you are doing the same thing! How many times have I preached about the toxins in cigarette butts? Cleaning supplies? Bug sprays? There are so many ways to clean your house without poisonous cleansers. I have published a few in past columns. If you want more ideas about it, contact me at There are also ways to protect from bug bites without using commercial sprays that are filled with toxins. There are so many ways to avoid these deadly products and still deal with these problems. These methods are not only safer, but their ingredients are easy to acquire and use. One book that I have found helpful is Tiny Game Hunting, Environmentally Healthy Ways to Trap and Kill the Pests in Your House and Garden, by Hilary Dole Klein & Adrian M. Wenner. Not only is this book informative, it is fun to read.
I have mentioned several ways to help save the environment from ourselves, yet the real focus today is the illegal dumps in our area. It is too pretty here to be ruined by Dumbdonkeys and we are not taking it anymore. So, OK Dumb and Dumber, stop making and using your illegal dumps! Some people are working to stop you and when caught, you may have to clean that big ole mess up! Plus, you might get a disease from something you have put there. Ouch! Talk about Karma.
You are in my prayers,

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