From two to four… Elizabethton City Schools will transition to four days for grades 6-12

Published 2:55 pm Friday, September 25, 2020

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With numbers of COVID-19 dropping throughout the county, the Elizabethton City School system will be sending all grades Pre-K through 12th grade to the classroom for four days – Monday and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday beginning on October 5, 2020.
“After consultation with the Carter County and Regional Health Departments, Elizabethton City Schools will transition from our current, two days a week in-person instruction plan, to four days a week in-person instruction plan for students in grades 6-12 beginning
October 5, 2020,” stated Elizabethton Director of Schools Richard VanHuss on Thursday evening.
“Wednesday will continue to be a remote day for all students in grades Pre-K – 12. This will allow for deep cleaning procedures to continue at all school locations. This change does not affect students who are on the distance learning track.”
VanHuss went on to add that the local COVID-19 data along with the continued guidance from the local health department will be used to give guidance to the school system moving forward in an informed manner.
It was also important to note that VanHuss said that the safety of the system’s students and staff will be the number one concern in any decisions made.
The community should also be aware that even though steps are being taken to minimize the risks associated with the current pandemic, there cannot be a guarantee of a risk-free environment during the pandemic.
With that in mind, anyone that enters the district facilities will be assuming and accepting all risks associated with being present in a building occupied by students, staff, visitors, and faculty members.
VanHuss also added that as cases arise the school system will continue it’s current protocol.
“The school system and the Carter County Health Department will continue to work together on close contact tracing when positive cases are identified,” the Director stated. “Elizabethton City Schools will continue providing daily updates of positive COVID -19 cases in each school on the ECS COVID Dashboard.
“The dashboard will be updated by noon each day to keep parents, staff, and the community updated about positive cases within the school system. Principals at each school will send out notification by letter or email to each family when a positive case is identified within a school.”
VanHuss challenged parents and guardians to check their child’s temperature before school and monitor for any symptoms of sickness. He asked that if a fever or other symptoms are present, that children stay home to prevent further spread of any sickness within the school system.
Social distancing will continue and parents are encouraged to emphasize the importance of washing hands and using hand sanitizer throughout the day to reduce the spread of germs.
VanHuss and the school system appreciates the support and patience of its students and parents as they navigate through this pandemic.

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