Congressional Candidate Diana Harshbarger visits Carter County Republican Party Headquarters

Published 4:15 pm Monday, October 19, 2020

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Diana Harshbarger paid a visit to the Carter County Republican Headquarters on Saturday.
Harshbarger is a candidate for U.S. Representative. 
During her visit to the Republican Headquarters, she focused on the importance of spreading information, voting, and unity. 
“It’s imperative that we go out and vote, and we get everybody that we can to go out and vote,” she said. “I fear what’s going to happen if we don’t.”
Harshbarger urged coming together as a party to help make voices heard this election. 
In addition to her presentation to the crowd of attendees, Harshbarger also sat down with the Elizabethton Star to answer several questions. 
Q. In terms of rallying, and things like that, what has been some of the work you’ve done lately?
1. “Just going around to all these precious counties and meeting people at these meet and greets, and going to these different conferences, talking to people one-on-one out in parking lots,” she said. “Anywhere I can go, where people have questions and concerns, and trying to come up with solutions for them, promising that I’m going to help them any way that I can. I’ve been busy from daylight to dark.”
Q. What are some of the concerns people have expressed to you?
1. “Just trying to get the economy moving again,” she explained. “They can’t even get enough people to work, and so, therefore, many people are only open certain hours, revenue has decreased so much. Even though things are coming back alive, we just need to take care of that and get the economy back. The President rebuilt our economy once and there’s no reason for him not to be able to do that again. 
1. “To me, it’s just an amazing thing to be able to sit down with these business owners and say ‘what can I do for you, you have access to me, let me know the issues,’” she said. “You can’t solve a problem if you don’t know what the problem is.”
Q. If you could say anything to voters, what would you want to say?
1. “This is the most important election of our lifetime,” she said. “I want people to get out and vote, I want people to get their family and friends out to vote. Because we need to show up in large numbers. There’s an agenda that the left has against anybody of faith, anybody who wants to maintain the values our nation was founded upon. We have to combat that. The only way to do that is to exercise our democratic right to vote. That’s what I’m trying to do is bring the Republican Party together and get people out to vote for our president to get him reelected.”
Organizers of the event considered it to be a success, noting there was a full house. Beverages and hotdogs were served. 
In addition to Harshbarger, checks to other Republican candidates were given out. This included: Bill Hagerty, Jon Lundberg, Scotty Campbell, John Holsclaw, and Phil Roe (Roe’s was donated to the Washington County Animal Shelter). A check to the Carter County Car Club was also presented. 
For more information on the Carter County Republican Party, check out their Facebook page, or contact Johnny Holder, Chairman, at 423-213-3072. The Republican Headquarters are located in downtown Elizabethton in the Ritz Mini Mall. For more information on Harshbarger, go to 

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