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Thanksgiving, Christmas seasons are seasons for giving

The election has grabbed most headlines recently, but there are other happenings in our community just as urgent. It is that special time of year when Thanksgiving and Christmas are on the minds of families and friends. During this pandemic, more families than ever need our help, and as the holiday season nears, many people are beginning to worry. Families are starting to wonder how they they will be able to manage putting food on the table for Thanksgiving, but also how their children will be able to enjoy Christmas.
Charitable giving is more urgent than ever this year as many have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.
While it is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, the coronavirus has put a damper on celebrations. The holidays have always been a time to spend with family and friends; to celebrate the good, to reconcile the bad and make resolutions for the new year.
Many take the time to count their blessings. While it’s nice to buy gifts for family, one big way to “give” this holiday season is to give to someone we might not know. Find a family, where the father or mother has lost their job and do something for them. Bake some cookies for a nurse or policeman, firefighter, or EMT. Take it to their office as a way to say thank you for your service.
Take the extra time to deliver some cans to your local food bank, such as ARM, Hale Ministries, or to Second Harvest Food Bank. For some, the end of the year is a huge time of budget crunching. Many families might be eating less.
There are more homeless on our streets, more children are home from school. “Adopt” a child, whose parents are out of work, and buy them gifts.
Because of the coronavirus pandemic, things will be done a little differently this year with the Salvation Army Angel Tree. Angel Tree registration will be done by phone only. Registration can be done by calling 423-926-2101. The Angel Tree is for children 12 and under.
The election has been stressful, and the holiday season is a time to be kind! People also get stressed during the holiday season. Even though you, too, might be stressed, taking the extra time to smile at someone or ask them how they’re doing goes a long way.
Give a Christmas gift to your mail carrier. That individual manages to get your mail to you every day of the year — snow or shine. By simply giving them a Coke or a cup of hot chocolate or writing a card is a small gesture that can go a long way.
Donate your old coats to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Winter can be cold. By giving that coat that sits in the back of your closet to a local charity, this can help ensure someone else stays warm throughout the holiday.
Regardless of the means, giving to others could be someone else’s greatest Thanksgiving or Christmas gift this season. Some are less fortunate and kindness goes a long way.