Writer seeks to dispel facts about face masks

Published 2:47 pm Tuesday, November 3, 2020

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To the Editor:
The actual size of the coronavirus is 125 nanometers or 0.125 microns. The latest information was from Dr. Gram of Arizona. Dr. Gram, who has 30 years of experience, states that you must use an electron microscope to see this virus. It would take 1,000 viruses placed end to end to equal the width of one typical human hair. What this means is that the celebrated NIOSH 95 mask does not have the ability to stop the virus. In fact there are few, if any, masks that will stop a particle of that size. If a person already has COVID-19 then a mask will stop or slow down any large droplets associated with sneezing or coughing but it will not stop the virus itself. The CDC and Dr. Fauci have known about the size of the virus all along which raises a lot of questions. Thus, mask mandates are not that effective in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. They only offer a false sense of security which is perpetrated by the media and liberal elites through the use of fear. Recent information from the CDC stated that of those who tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19) 70.6 % wore masks continuously, 14.4 % wore masks occasionally and 15% did not wear a mask at all. This indicates that masks are not the panacea that the government, media and medical bureaucracies claimed it was.
But out of fear promoted by the aforementioned bureaucracies many people still want to wear masks. It gives them a sense of security even though it is false. In these cases there are some important precautions that should be taken. First, realize that masks will not stop the coronavirus. In addition if certain precautions are not taken a mask will increase your chance of getting COVID-19. A medical doctor noted that persons wearing masks touch them much more often than persons not wearing a mask touch their face. Furthermore many people wear a mask while in stores or restaurants then remove them as soon they exit. If your hands have come in contact with the virus and you touch your mask then the virus penetrates the mask, then to your nose or mouth thus infecting you. This explains why California experienced a threefold increase in the number of cases three weeks after a mandatory mask mandate was issued. This also agrees with the increase in cases in our area even with the mask mandates. The only way to remedy this situation is sanitize you hands before you put on a sterile mask then do not touch the mask unless you have washed or sanitized your hands. You should also consider sanitizing your mask after each use. An alcohol spray or another sanitizing agent should be adequate. Many people who wear masks feel secure and ignore other precautions to their own detriment. Washing/sanitizing your hands is probably the best precaution you can take along with avoiding contact with persons who have been infested or show COVID-19 symptoms. It should also be noted that the warm moist environment of a mask is an ideal environment within which germs and viruses can survive. Of course they limit your oxygen intake while increasing the carbon dioxide intake.
From looking at large amounts of data it appears that quarantines and lockdowns do not work in the long term. After a population has been infected the case count goes down with time then when the quarantined group is released they are suddenly exposed to the virus which is still present thus leading to a second spike in cases. The same thing happens after a lockdown is ended. This is why the approach used in Sweden with no lockdowns, no mask mandates and only very limited quarantines was so successful. They ended up with the lowest death rate in Europe. It appears that herd immunity works.
The sad thing about masks as well as vaccines is that fear is used to manipulate people. Instead of giving the public truthful facts they receive information tainted with various agendas that facilitate fear. If fear takes over, people become irrational and don’t consider the potential loss of personal freedoms. One of the historic techniques for eliminating freedoms it to use fear then guarantee the people’s security (hope) when they relinquish the freedom(s). There are many people in this nation that have become so fearful (bought the claims of bureaucratic liberal elites and the media) that they will condemn/harass anyone who does not wear a mask. A few become hysterical. Facts mean nothing to such indoctrinated persons. Fear has taken control of their life; not reason or logic. You just wonder if the whole mask mandate is a test to see how the public will respond to other man initiated mandates and thus prepare the way for more sinister mandates such as a vaccine with a chip/electro-chemical ID. Future mandates will result in further intrusions into our personal lives which may jeopardize our freedoms.
As I have stated in other articles the best thing you can do relative to COVID-19 or other flu viruses or colds is to enhance your immune system. There is considerable evidence that vitamin D (1,000 IU or 25 mcg) and Zinc are very beneficial in dealing with COVID-19. Some other items that will enhance your immune system include vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E. Of course a well balanced diet is always beneficial. Even if you get a virus an enhanced immune system will help you better deal with it and recover much faster.

J. Ronald Winter

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