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Published 2:18 pm Monday, November 23, 2020

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Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!
We have some good news! It seems that people have been listening to those of us who would like to see litter eliminated from our gorgeous mountains. I am so appreciative of those who have altered/stopped their litter habits for the good of our lovely communities. Indeed, we do live in a place where the mountains are the oldest on earth, with the most species of wildflowers of anywhere else in the world, and where the rock outcroppings and the waterfalls are breathtaking. Each season is an annual treat and the best people in the world live here. What more could people ask for? What we have been asking all along, please don’t litter and ruin the scenery that we are so fond of. Let all of us work together to make our home county and towns so aesthetically pleasing that people will want to visit here year round.
All that being said, now the good news! I received this information from Mr. Ed Jordan, KCCB founder and president. The words are exact quotes from his press release as I could not figure out a way to paraphrase appropriately. “The Keep Carter County Beautiful recent Litter Index Study reveals a decrease of litter across six of the eight voting districts of Carter County.” WOW! I don’t know about you, but this is the best news I have heard lately concerning the environment! Thank You!
Mr. Jordan states that the annual Litter Index Study is a requirement of Keep America Beautiful affiliates. It is conducted by volunteers and in 2020 and “shows an average decline of 17.6 percent over 2019 in the six districts where improvement was measured. In one district, the score stayed the same and only one showed a slight increase.” What an accomplishment to actually lower the rate of litter occurring in our area. Thank you to everyone who has had a part in actively stopping litter, those who clean it up when they see it and those who report it when observing happening. This also from Mr. Jordan: “If you see someone litter from a vehicle, call 1-800-8-LITTER. The TDOT will send a friendly reminder letter to the registered owner of the Tennessee vehicle informing them of the negative consequences of their littering actions and providing them with educational materials. The letter will include information on how to contain their litter. Under state law, litterers can be fined up to $1500.”
For the complete report, call Keep Carter County Beautiful.
I can’t say enough about how thrilled I am about this report. It gives hope to everyone who is concerned about litter and illegal dumping that attitudes are improving about keeping a clean, beautiful place for all to enjoy. Let’s keep this upward movement going to completely eliminate litter and it’ consequences from our beautiful mountain home. We deserve it!
Happy Thanksgiving again and you are in my prayers,

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