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Elected city officials are sworn in

On a beautiful sunny afternoon, new and returning members of different positions were sworn in at Elizabethton City Hall.  
Hopefully, the pleasant weather will be indicative of how their terms will be for themselves and for all of Elizabethton as the room was full of smiles and an encouraging atmosphere.
First to be sworn in was the City Council followed by Municipal Judge Jason Holly and the School Board. The City Council welcomed back current mayor Curt Alexander, Jeffrey Treadway, and Kim Birchfield. Returning School Board member Phil Isaacs was joined by new members Jamie Bass Schaff and Mike Wilson.
Jamie Bass Schaff when asked what one thing in her new position she is driven by and what she wants to affect most, she without hesitation said she wants the teachers to be heard without fear of repercussions for voicing their opinions whether agreeable or conflicting with the boards. 
Being so close and influential on the youth and their future, she wants them to know there is an open-door policy to express any thoughts or concerns and to feel loved and supported while receiving the tools they need to be successful in their jobs.
City Councilman Kim Birchfield wanted all voters to know that when he lays his head down at night, he feels he has given 110% and done the right thing. 
To ensure his decisions are not made lightly and are truly what he feels is best, he prays upon whatever he is facing and knows that he is not perfect and will make honest mistakes, but he will always try to do right every time.
Both Birchfield and Mike Wilson expressed appreciation for all the votes cast whether they were for or against them because in Birchfield’s words, “I’m still their Councilman,” and Wilson echoed that sentiment because voting is important period. 
Wilson expressed his gratitude as well and pledged to do the very best to represent the city and especially the children and teachers.
To say all look forward to their roles with enthusiasm would be correct, and they understand there will be hard choices among the easy. 
Rest assured those elected by the citizens of Elizabethton have fully committed to doing the best for their hometown.