Brandon Pierce: Elizabethton native aims to help youth

Published 2:55 pm Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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Sometimes a crossroad comes with a sign. 
This was the case for Brandon Pierce, a Carter County native turned entrepreneur. Pierce and his head full of ideas began participating in the LaunchTN Program, which provides connections to mentors and investors, in March of this year. This is where Pierce met his crossroad.
Pierce entered the program with a renewable energy idea that had previously garnered him attention in business competitions, however he was met with more challenges. 
“They told me the ordering process would be slower than even gaining grant approval,” he said. “I had come to a crossroads. I’d move forward either way, but this would halt everything.”
Pierce said this is when his advisor laid it out for him, explaining he could either transition his business and continue the path with a different tactic or put the company completely on pause and jeopardize his accomplishments. 
Pierce chose the latter, and thus a switch occurred.
“That is when I took a long thought and realized something. My whole idea was really about engaging young students and society with renewable technology to prepare for their future,” he explained. 
This lightbulb idea led Pierce to dreaming up tutoring services for the future, Future Innovators. He began in August with one student being tutored in Nashville, as well as becoming certified on Google and hiring interns in Cookeville and Murfreesboro. From there he launched a company website, Facebook page and LinkedIn page. Pierce has now developed a plan engaging students with science courses, STEM, etc. to help guide youth. 
“Future Innovators will be the pathway to help children grow their skill sets long before college,” described Pierce. ”Focusing on finding their talents, dreams, weaknesses and growing them to work together to help each other excel. We have set our goals to provide not only tutoring services but after school programs, growing clubs, and creating school and district school competition events.”
Pierce said he aims to provide STEM events to students, as well as college prep assistance to high school graduates prior to applying for grants in areas like Elizabethton and Cookeville. 
While business plans are back in full swing, Pierce said his biggest goal is to help encourage change in youth, at a local and state level. 
“I’ve already helped one student, and soon many more. This is something I wish as an adult I could have benefited from in elementary and high school,” said Pierce. 
For more information on Future Innovators, go to or check out the Future Innovators Facebook page.

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