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Officers: Rescuing families from burning homes, just part of the job

Law Enforcement officers are tasked with a wide array of challenges every single day —  from routine traffic stops and domestic disputes, to car accidents and public hazards.
But on December 8, two Elizabethton policemen took matters into their own hands when they intercepted a rather unprecedented call regarding a house fire.
Thanks to Sergeant Matt Croy and Patrol Officer Lance Peters, an Elizabethton family was able to safely escape their burning home without injuries after the officers rushed to the scene and assisted the Hampton Valley Forge Fire Department.
“We learned that the residence was on fire and the family could not get out of the doors. We then learned that the children could not escape the window due to the fire,” said Peters.
It did not take long for Croy and Peters to spring into action, as the two arrived and quickly executed a plan to preserve the family’s lives.
“I went to the window and assisted the mother, getting the children out of the window, onto the porch and ground,” said Croy. “We then made entry and assisted the mother, grandmother, and dog, using fire extinguishers to put out the fire, so that we could get the female with a cane out of the door,” Croy added.
The heroic act of bravery may have been the greatest holiday present that the Elizabethton Police Department could give, as the family escaped the crisis and will peacefully make it through the Christmas break.
And though Croy and Peters went the extra mile, risking their very own lives throughout the process, Peters admits that his main concern was the family’s well-being and financial security.
“My heart broke for the family that was losing their home right before Christmas. I knew that I had to do everything that I could to prevent any further loss of the things they have worked so hard for,” said Peters.
And while it is true, not all heroes wear capes — sometimes they are equipped with a badge and blue attire. For the Elizabethton community, that is certainly the case.
At the end of the day, danger is just a part of the job for Croy and Peters. There will always be criminals to catch and tickets to write, however, saving lives is always the main priority for our heroes in blue.
“Anytime we can help someone, I feel that we have done our job. I was relieved to know that the family was safe,” said Croy.