County Mayor releases statement on vaccines

Published 5:27 pm Tuesday, December 29, 2020

On Monday afternoon, Carter County Mayor Patty Woodby released a statement to local media in regards to an email that she sent out to county commissioners in regards to the availability of excess COVID vaccines made available by the health department.
The email has stirred up a lot of strife and emotions within the county and has reached other parts of the state.
The Elizabethton Star currently is doing an intensive investigation into the events which led up to the email being received and dispersed by Mayor Woodby under the ROIA (Request of Information Act) which has been sent to both Mayor Woodby and the Carter County Health Department.
Also, County Commissioners are being extended an opportunity to have a voice in the investigative piece.
The following is the release in its entirety that Mayor Woodby released to local media on Monday.
“Late Tuesday evening, I received a phone call from our local Health Department personnel that Carter County would be receiving more doses of the COVID-19 vaccine than originally expected.
“I was told that the supply was excess and did not affect the current vaccines allotted for the first responders and frontline healthcare workers who had already registered to receive the vaccine.
“I was asked to extend an invitation to members of the Carter County Commission and their high-risk family members to take the opportunity to get the vaccine, so I did just that.
“The Health Department also extended the same invitation to the Carter County and Elizabethton City school systems for their teachers and staff.
“I hope that this will clear up the confusion that is circulating through our community. I have a deep gratitude for all our first responders and frontline healthcare workers.
“They are our heroes!”
As always, the Star wants to make sure to provide truthful and accurate information and will be keeping our readers abreast of findings from this investigative report.

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