Chancery Court & Realty Transfers

Published 1:49 pm Thursday, December 31, 2020

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Chancery Court
Jason Vincent Camarda vs. Larrie Page Allebaugh (order of protection).
State of Tennessee, Kelli A. Lacey vs. Jeremy W. Lacey (set support).
Michael Leroy McAdams vs. Christine Marie McAdams (legal separation).

Realty Transfers
The following real estate transactions have been recorded during the past week at the Carter County Register of Deeds Office;
Linda Little Baughman to Alex Baughman, Dist. 11, quitclaim
Linda Little Baughman to Wesley Baughman et al, Dist. 11, quitclaim
Linda Little Baughman to Linda Little Baughman et al, Dist. 11, quitclaim
Glenda G. Garland to Sherri Lynn West, Dist. 10, quitclaim
James Oler, Jr. et ux to Diane Thisell, Dist. 13, $219,900
William H. Spayd to Cecilia M. Amick, Dist. 15, $108,000
Johnny L. Holder et ux to Robert Stout, Dist. 7, $30,000
Larry Gobble (personal rep of Elizabeth C. Tucker estate) to Katherine Bradshaw et al, Dist. 6, quitclaim
City of Elizabethton to Katherine Bradshaw et al, Dist. 6, quitclaim
Zirni Corp. to KB Maintenance Corp. et al, Dist. 13, quitclaim
Daniel C. Holder et al to Nicholas D. Holder et ux, Dist. 10, quitclaim
Leitha E. Fryde to David Menjivar et ux, Dist. 6, $55,000
Doug Wyatt et ux to David Menjivar et ux, Dist. 12, $140,000
Janice L. Harrald to Janice L. Harrald, Dist. 3, quitclaim
Peggy T. Singleton, trustee, to Javier Angulo et al, Dist. 6, $145,000
Ashyln C. Fadial to Cassandra Loveday, Dist. 6, $150,000
Fernando Ray Montgomery to Ramona K. Bing, Dist. 3, quitclaim
Loretta Pearl Williams May to Peters Hollow Water System Inc., Dist. 10, $4,000
Janice L. Harrald to April D. Whitehead, Dist. 3, $200
Brumchan Bakshi to Baba Properties, LLC, Dist. 5, quitclaim
Jack D. Burdue, Jr. et ux to Gabriel W. Felty et al, Dist. 10, $180,000
Larry Gobble (personal rep of Elizabeth Tucker estate) to Everette Stout et ux, Dist. 7, $100,000
Larry Gobble (personal rep of Elizabeth Tucker estate) to Everette Stout et ux, Dist. 6, $45,000
Robert Rickenbrode et ux to Zachary Ethan Boles et ux, Dist. 17, $176,000
Patricia Marvin to Land Conservation Program LLC, Dist. 4, $14,689.78
Charles Thomas Glass to Janet Glass, trustee, Dist. 13, quitclaim
James Henry Sims to Heather M. Sims et vir, Dist. 2, quitclaim
Terry A. Simerly et ux to Casey Ewing, Dist. 18, $120,000
Brandon Freeman to Sarah R. Daniels, Dist. 8, quitclaim
Samuel B. McKinney to Dwight A Goolsbay, Dist. 16, $2,500
Jerome Dale Kitchens, trustee, to Willie Holtscaw, trustee, and Jerome Dale Kitchens, trustee, Dist. 2, quitclaim
Jonathan Alan Street to Matthew B. Street et ux, Dist. 15, $170,000
Karen Hill Owen et al to Benjamin G. Blanton II et ux, Dist. 3, $295,000
Derrick A. Wilson et ux to Homer Magley et ux, Dist. 15, $192,638
Jeffrey Francisco to Diana L. Elliott et al, Dist. 14, $127,500
Dawn LaJoie to Kathleen Cleary, Dist. 18, quitclaim
Jacs LLC to Three Arrows Agency LLC, Dist. 6, $32,000
Michael Brian Larkin to Lindi Diana Lott, Dist, 12, $49,000
Jonathan Houser et tal to David A. Codevilla, Dist. 4, $20,000
Thomas L. Foster et ux to Ronald Charles Jetmore et ux, Dist. 7, $449,900
Glen Dower et al to David Codevilla, Dist. 4, $425,000
Marjorie R. Rodd to Anneli Larsson et vir, Dist. 1, $950,000
Luther Norris to Bernie Cline, Dist. 6, $7,500
Ashlon Adams to Robert A. McCarn II and Elinore E. McCarn, Dist. 13, $162,000
Megan J. Gregory et al to Adventure From Home Inc., (no district listed), $65,000
Larry S. Renfro and Lee S. Renfro, co-trustees to Peter Michael Russell et al, Dist. 5, $331,000
Medical Care LLC to Jesse Shelton, Dist. 3, $10,000
Jimmy E. Coefer to Mark A. Miller et al, Dist. 13, $320,500
Paul L. Bellamy et ux to Michael David Howell et ux, Dist. 15, $90,000
Laura R. Mueller to James D. Greer II et ux, Dist. 18, $147,000
Kathy Kyte to Kimberly Dawn Carrier, Dist. 6, $110,500
Roy M. Wagner et ux to Brian Thomas Mihelich et ux, Dist. 1, $190,000
Shawn Miller and EBS Company to NAC Realty TN LLC, Dist. 5, quitclaim
Monica Lane Hollifield to Cody K. Buck, Dist. 6, $57,400
Elizabeth Marie Schuman et vir to Ronald S. McCurdy et ux, Dist. 2, $157,000
Shawn Miller to Homeland Realty LLC, Dist. 6, quitclaim
Shawn Miller to Homeland Realty LLC, Dist. 6, quitclaim
Lenny Dale Constable to Danielle Beckman, Dist. 13, quitclaim
Gary Gentry to Jeremy Stiltner etux, Dist. 14, $334,000
Freddie Bennett et ux to Kimberly D. Alcantar, Dist. 5, $185,000
Scotty Hyder et ux to Crystal Thompson et al, (no district listed), $125,000
Doris Troxell to Eugene T. Lockhard, Dist. 5, $164,800
Nicholas P. Holder et al to Charles Sauer et al, Dist. 9, $145,900
Paul E. Stanton, Jr., et ux to Wayne W. Elizey et ux, Dist. 1, $467,500
Melissa Moreland, special commissioner, to Tony M. Bowers et al, Dist. 15, $20,500
Linda F. Church to Barbara Sue Merritt, Dist. 3, $64,800
Brad Burton et ux to Houses to Homes LCC, Dist. 13 $24,000
Judy Marie Jones McAmis to Kelly Lee Wilson et ux, Dist. 15, $74,000
Donald G. Yates, Jr. to Bonnie J. Yates, Dist. 7 quitclaim
Charles E. Hyder to William A. Leonard et ux, Dist. 9, $385,000
Everette Stout et al to Recovery Soldiers Ministries, Dist. 13, $24,000
Judy S. Sams to Dick Van Maurice, Dist. 6, $70,000
Earlyn R. Sams Lawrence to Dick Van Maurice, Dist. 7, $70,000
Laura J. Buchanan et al to Benjamin Cooper Easom et al, Dist. 6, $125,000
Travis Kent Nidiffer et al to Hal Eugene Wright et al, Dist. 12, $326,500
Gary Gentry et ux to Tracie E. Mosley, Dist. 15, $179,000

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