That Burns My Biscuits!

Published 3:02 pm Monday, January 11, 2021

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E.J. Smith
I hope everyone had a nice New Year celebration with their families at home. Looks like we’ll be at home for some time before the pandemic is over. Please follow the recommendations of the CDC. You know what they are: wear a mask, wash hands often and distance at least 6 feet between you. It is the only way we will get rid of it sooner than later and we all want our lives back again, don’t we? Some are starting back too soon and we can see what is happening. It is not good.
Today we will, once again, talk litter. These facts are from Ed Jordan: In less than 30 years, there will be more pounds of plastic in the oceans than pounds of fish. I challenge my readers to pay attention and avoid all the plastics you can. Some of this littler is from one-use plastics.
Some examples of one-use plastics are those flimsy bags to put your vegetables and fruits in when you shop. Have you seen on television what these can do to sea life? Not a pretty picture, folks! I would rather have fish as pretty veggies and fruit. If veggies and fruit are wet or leaky, I will use a bag but otherwise I put them in the kiddie seat so I can check them out first. When I have finished with them, I shred them with my hands. It takes a few minutes, but it sure makes me feel better that I am not contributing to this horrible situation.   
Six pack holders help you carry your drinks, but again, the pictures of sea life tell the story. Horrendous! Please work on using less plastic. When you buy drinks or beer held together with plastic, cut it up so that animals cannot stick their noses into the holes. Surely you’ve seen those photos!  Not only fish, but these can harm a lot of animals and sea life. We want to leave a world where our children can see the beautiful creatures and plants that we see every day. I want my children to enjoy the natural world as much as I have. 51.2 billion pieces of rubbish are tossed onto American roadways annually. Wow. I cannot believe that people are still so oblivious to how bad it is to toss trash out of car windows. Anyone who does this is just plain stupid and I hope you get caught every time you litter and that they make you pick up miles and miles of the garbage you helped create.
And now the good news. Paper, metal and glass litter has decreased steadily as recycling has surged. It’s good to know this, we need to make sure it keeps decreasing. 
Over 86,000 people have taken the #BeRecycled pledge. That’s a lot of people. But that is not nearly the population of the U.S., so I guess those who do not recycle need to learn what there is to know about it and start now. Please?
So, folks, if you have recycled your own trash, picked up trash anywhere or helped clean up illegal dumps, keep up the great work! Those who do not recycle, start today!
You are in my prayers,

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