Reader refutes opinion piece in Sunday STAR

Published 12:13 pm Tuesday, January 12, 2021

To the Editor:
After reading the last two installments in the Opinion Page of the Elizabethton Star, I feel compelled to respond. The author of these two pieces reflected a pronounced bias against the President, state elected congressional members and Republicans in general. One line repeated in both articles that is really bothersome is “Tennessee is about as red as it can get.” From the tone of both articles, this line should be taken in a negative manner.
Although I have been a lifelong reader of this paper, I think it is time to reevaluate my subscription. I have appreciated the fact that this paper has printed articles from conservatives in the past but, if these last two opinion pieces reflect the attitude of the staff, then this paper is just as biased as the other media.
This paper pledges to be “the voice of Carter County” and “to serve our community.” After reading the last two disparaging opinion pieces, I wonder if the author has forgotten that the vast majority of their readers are conservative and voted for the politicians that were maligned in these pieces.
I could write volumes refuting the claims in these two pieces but I doubt that this reply will even be printed. I would be willing to present the evidence if this paper would allow me to do so. The proof is evident if one looks beyond the lies and misinformation that is being repeated by the fake news and the leftist politicians.

Thomas Isaacs

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