Writer offers thoughts on Roe v. Wade decision

Published 2:38 pm Tuesday, January 19, 2021

To the Editor:
Thank you, Republicans for giving women the right to choose with your Republican controlled United States Supreme Court during the Roe v. Wade decision. It was the right decision.
The worst decision you have made is pulling the mandate for contraception in health care insurance. Contraception equals less abortion.
Women have a right to be child free or to limit the number of their children. After all, the task of raising children, altogether too often, usually goes to the woman. Sad that so many men think of women as their personal slave in the bedroom and take little to no responsibility to preventing pregnancy or caring for their offspring when they arrive.
Don’t get me wrong. I know several men who are great providers and are involved with their children. But just look around. Altogether, too often men are too busy doing other things instead of living up to their responsibility of caring for their children. The wife, or another female, does the job or almost all of it. It’s time those men stepped up. There is a direct correlation between a man taking responsibility and being involved with and a good example for his children, and the success of his children when they are grown. Therefore, when men do their part, there will be little to no abortion.

J.E. Hyder (Janet)

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