Anglers finding success even during the cold

Published 2:08 am Friday, February 12, 2021

The age-old question asked by anglers continues to be asked and that is “Are the fish biting?”

And most other anglers respond with “Do bears use the bathroom in the woods?”

Now that may be a little comical banter but the true answer to the question is yes the fish are biting but the real question should be are the anglers willing to brave the cold and snow to go out and catch them.

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Fish are like humans – they have to eat but sometimes they are just as finicky as their human counterparts and one just has to find the right bait or lure to put in front of them that they are willing to swallow.

Temperatures also play a huge role in how and what fish will bite and this winter has had a plethora of temperatures to throw at both fish and anglers.

One week, the weather is bitterly cold and snowy and the next week the thermometer will climb into the low 60s which makes it a challenge for anglers to find their prey.

Many local anglers continue to hit the waters daily and by some of the photos that have been shared on the Watauga Lake page of Facebook, there are some good fish still being caught.

Just like anything, it takes patience and a love for the sport to brave the weather this time of year but the rewards could be worthy of hanging on the trophy wall.

The following is just a small sample of some of the fish that have been landed by anglers on Watauga Lake. It should be encouraging to those who like to wet a line to make a little sacrifice to see if that big lunker is waiting on the next cast.