Dangers of the ‘cancel culture”

Published 2:34 pm Tuesday, March 9, 2021

To the Editor:
A Memphis, Tenn. high school principal, Barton Thorne, was suspended by Shelby County administrators in January 2021 after speaking with his students about the dangers of cancel culture.
Principal Thorne said, “I want you to understand the problem that’s going to face you and your generation if there is no longer a marketplace, a free exchange of ideas.” He urged the students to engage in respectful conversations with those who hold differing opinions. The principal said students should think for themselves and gave an argument for the importance of free speech regardless of whether you agree or disagree. The administrators proved the principal’s point by suspending him and censoring his free speech. When did the First Amendment get removed from the U.S. Constitution? The principal should have gotten a raise for having principles. Dangers of the cancel culture is that it doesn’t allow people to think for themselves and it divides the country.
Sadly, an Elizabethton Star article, “6 Dr. Seuss books won’t be published for racist images,” is another example of the power and dangers of the cancel culture. Thanks to the Star for the article. Six books out of over 50 Dr. Seuss will not be printed for so called racial undertones in the pictures. Thankfully, none of these six books are his best sellers. Dr. Seuss books have been popular for over 60 years. Read Across America Day is celebrated every year on the birthday of Dr. Seuss in schools and libraries and every president recognizes Dr. Seuss, and even reads some of his books.
However for the first time President Biden wouldn’t recognize Dr. Seuss and the White House position is that Dr. Seuss is racist. I agree with President Obama who had a White House Dr. Seuss celebration and praised Dr. Seuss for his “The Sneetches” book that shows we are all the same and is against racism. I agree with Michele Obama who read “Green Eggs and Ham” to children that it is a great book. I like “Horton Hears a Who” by Dr. Seuss because it has pro-life undertones.
Dr. Ben Carson describes cancel culture as “poison” in our system. Carson says it’s childish to ban children’s books or other books. Tyrus blast treatment of Dr. Seuss and said I don’t like it here or there or anywhere. The fun and funny rhyming Dr. Seuss books keeps children’s attention and helps children’s brain development. These haters who want to divide America and to dumb America down by banning books have enough time on their hands to find “racism” in literally everything and find fault in everything in America. In the Bible in Proverbs it lists some actions God hates as sowing discord among brothers and those who say bad is good and good is bad. Those attacking Dr. Seuss are like the Grinch who was trying to take away children’s Christmas presents and had a heart “two sizes too small.” The good news is that they can be born again by Jesus and Jesus can change their heart and cancel their sin!
The Bible makes the list of books most challenged at public libraries and public school libraries throughout America. The Bible is what all evil people and governments have tried through the ages to censor or ban. The evil ACLU sued the Carter County School Board over 30 years ago and won. CBM Ministries was doing Bible stories in schools and giving awards to those students who memorized Bible verses such as Bibles and free weeks at CBM Camp. The ACLU stopped all religious activities during school hours in the Carter County schools. I loved hearing the Bible stories when I was in school and was angry that the evil ACLU was able to impose its values on Carter County schools.
Much worse will happen if the Equality Act is passed by U.S. Congress. Pastor Grider said the Equality Act could make the Bible a banned book with Christians in prison for preaching from it or quoting from it. It makes the right to abortion and LGBTQ rights the highest rights in America. Those who don’t bow down to their rights will be sued and will have their business shut down or lose their job. I get happy when I know the rapture could happen at any time and is a rescue operation. The Bible says Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us. One day Jesus will cancel the cancel culture. So we will do as the Bible says, “Looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.” Keep your eyes on the prize which is Jesus. The news media can be depressing. However, nothing is happier and more uplifting than Jesus. I am not looking for the undertaker, I am looking for the upper-taker — King Jesus!

D.D. Nave

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