God made a way for mankind to know Him

Published 8:49 am Tuesday, March 23, 2021

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From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham

Dear Rev. Graham: I know people who in their own troubles can still be a source of joy to others. Now in the middle years of my life I am beginning to see things differently and I long to be like these people who have something I do not have. What is the secret? — J.S.

Dear J.S.: People who look not on their own sorrow but to others have learned comfort from the Bible verse that says, “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). There is depth of strength when a person can draw from God’s vast supply, knowing the promises of Scripture and remembering that Jesus suffered the greatest sorrow as He remembered us. In His death and resurrection, God made a way for mankind to know Him and draw strength and comfort from Christ.
God is always with His people through thick and through thin. He is with us when we are well, and God is with us when we are sick. He is with us in pleasure and in pain. He is with us now, and will be with us to the end. Some of our troubles are but for a short time, while others are for a longer time. It is important to keep our eyes on Christ and it is equally important that we thank God in the good times of blessings and in the times of distress. His strength will uphold those who trust in Him.
For those who do not know Jesus Christ as Savior, they are missing the most important thing in life — God’s promise that He is near. The Bible says to “draw near to God and He will draw near to you” (James 4:8). For those who humble themselves before God and declare, “Have mercy upon me and forgive me of my own sin and help me obey you as Lord,” He will bring salvation to your soul and comfort to your heart.
(This column is based on the words and writings of the late Rev. Billy Graham.)

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