Reader supports making Bible official Book of Tennessee

Published 1:02 pm Tuesday, April 6, 2021

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To the Editor:
I was happy to read the good news that a resolution that would make the Holy Bible the “official state book” of Tennessee passed the state House of Representatives last week and now heads to the state Senate. The resolution says the Bible has had a significant impact on the State’s economy and has aided in maintaining vital records. The Tennessee State Library and Archives “holds hundreds of family Bible records in several formats and within many collections” because they include “vital records” of births, marriages and deaths. Before the 20th century the resolution says, comprehensive records were recorded in Bibles, and not by the State. “These Bibles contain a history of Tennessee families that may not be found otherwise,” the resolution says. Further the resolution says Bible publishing is “a multimillion-dollar industry” in Tennessee with such Bible publishers as Thomas Nelson, Gideons International and United Methodist Publishing House. “Even the Los Angeles Times has acknowledged the economic impact of the Bible in Tennessee,” the resolution says. The Holy Bible is found in homes across the State and has been “used” for practical purposes such as recording family histories. The resolution says in a concluding paragraph, “We hereby designate the Holy Bible as the official state book.” I support making the Holy Bible the official book of Tennessee and hope the Tennessee State Senate will also pass the resolution.
Surveys by the American Bible Society found Tennessee is probably the number one fan of the best-selling book in history — the Holy Bible. State lawmakers have tried in the past to make the Bible the official book of Tennessee, but failed because some wrongly say it establishes a religion. A resolution isn’t a law and can’t establish a religion. If the resolution fails I support making the Gideon Bible the official book of Tennessee to honor both the Gideons and the Bible. Now that we have a more Christian friendly governor it could be done. The Gideons website is They are headquartered in Nashville and have given out over 2 billion Bibles and New Testaments over more than 110 years! Christianity is a matter of faith in Jesus and can’t be forced. The recognition of the Holy Bible or the Gideon Bible as the official state book can’t establish a religion. President George Washington and every president have placed their hand on the Bible to administer the oath of office and added, “so help me God.” This was a recognition of the importance of the Bible. President Washington and the other presidents were constitutional experts and didn’t see this as establishing a religion. Many of our founding fathers were members of Bible societies and Bibles were used in every school.
The Bible contains more wisdom than all textbooks, teachers and professors combined as many presidents and founders have said. President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “I feel that a comprehensive study of the Bible is a liberal education for anyone.” President Theodore Roosevelt said, “No educated man can afford to be ignorant of the Bible.” President John Adams said, “The Bible is the best book in the world. It contains more than all the libraries I have seen.” Patrick Henry said, “The Bible is a book worth more than all the other books that were ever printed.” President Thomas Jefferson said, “I have always said, and will always say, that studious perusal of the sacred volume (Bible) will make us better citizens.” Horace Greely said, “It is impossible to enslave mentally or socially a Bible reading people. The principles of the Bible are the groundwork of human freedom.” President Abraham Lincoln said, “The Bible is the greatest gift God gave man; apart from it, we would not know right from wrong.”
Willmington’s Guide to the Bible lists ten proofs that the Bible is the Word of God. The first supernatural evidence is its amazing unity. The unity is achieved in spite of the long period of time involved (1500 years) in its writing, the many writers (some forty) and their many occupations, the many different places it was written, and the many different styles of its writers. Second supernatural evidence is its indestructibility. Its indestructibility in spite of political persecution, religious persecution and philosophical persecution. Third supernatural evidence is its historical accuracy. Proven by archaeology. Fourth supernatural evidence is its scientific accuracy. The Bible is scientifically accurate. The Bible was the first book to correctly say that the earth is circular and suspended in space (Isaiah 40/Job 26). The fifth supernatural evidence is its prophetical accuracy.
The Bible correctly predicts the future. Jesus fulfilled all predictions concerning the coming savior. The Bible correctly predicted Israel would become a new nation and control Jerusalem in the end day just before the tribulation and the return of Jesus. Sixth supernatural evidence is its universal influence upon civilization. Western civilization and law are founded directly upon the Bible and its teachings. The Bible says that people are evil and can’t be trusted. (Jeremiah17) So our American founders put in checks and balances and three branches of government. Seventh supernatural evidence is its care and copy. There are more ancient copies of the Bible than any other book. Eighth supernatural evidence is its amazing circulation. More copies have been made of the Bible than any other book. Ninth supernatural evidence is its absolute honesty. God tells it like it is. God writes bad things about some of his friends and good things about some of his enemies. Human authors don’t consistently write this way. Tenth supernatural evidence is its life transforming power. The greatest proof that the Bible is God’s word is its amazing ability to change corrupt, evil people who turn to Jesus in faith, believing in the blood, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus as your only payment for your sins. At Easter we celebrate the fact that Jesus is risen indeed (truly) and provided forgiveness of sin our greatest need!
Other books inform; only the Holy Bible transforms. Millions have given up drugs and crime and their marriages and families have been saved after reading the Holy Bible. Jesus said, “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.” Psalm 30 says, “Every word of God is (pure) flawless.” Therefore paraphrases like the Message aren’t Bibles. To be a Holy Bible it must be a word for word translation like the King James version. God has given us truth in every word of the Holy Bible and the truth can’t be improved on! Reading, believing, and living up to the Holy Bible commands such as “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” is the only sure way to live up to Tennessee’s official slogan — “Tennessee — America at its Best!”

D.D. Nave

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