Reader has questions, doubts about lingering pandemic

Published 2:37 pm Friday, April 16, 2021

To the Editor:
As I expected the COVID plan-demic is far from over. When I first heard the word variant I realized that the deception was being expanded and the continued exaggerated use of fear by both the government, big pharma and the media was being forced on an uninformed and ignorant public. The plan was to convince the public of the need to follow up on vaccines called TOP-UP vaccines to deal with those terrible COVID variants. They could not let the pandemic just go away and thus not be able to continue to push the vaccine card with the intent of making it permanent and using it in a discriminatory manner. Needless to say the use of variants is a means to extend the pandemic (plan-demic) indefinitely and further support the use of vaccine cards. However it is important to realize that variants are just normal mutations and the antibodies for the original virus are generally effective in stopping the variants. In any event mask wearing will still be encouraged or mandated.
Of course the long-term goal is to have you trade that worn vaccine card after a year or so for a chip. The public by that time will be so psychologically overwhelmed that they will gladly accept a chip as the normal thing to do. There will also be special apps for your cell phone to detect the status of your vaccination; i.e., to verify if you have had the latest TOP-UP vaccine. But isn’t this chip a permanent “mark” by which you can be monitored and controlled. Does this not sound rather Biblical? Is it or will it lead to that MARK — THE MARK OF THE BEAST. If you have any doubts read Revelations 13, 15-18. Also, review Revelations 16-2; 16 10-11; 13 19-20 and 20-4. I pray that the general public has not become so Biblically illiterate that these passages are not significant to them. The other problem could be that we have got so use to compromising on moral and ethical issues and tolerating the world system that we will ignore the Biblical warnings. In any event, we may well be at the beginning of the birth pains of the end times.
Another observation is that since the first of 2021 they have been calling, the so to speak, normal flu as COVID. The tests apparently cannot distinguish the difference between other flu viruses and COVID. In addition there is money to be made by the hospital corporations by increasing the number of COVID cases. Of course big pharma will also benefit from this. This also supplies the various agencies with data to further their agenda pertaining to extending the pandemic and gaining control over the people.
Another question about this total situation is who and/or what government organization started the system of paying the hospitals for each COVID patient and larger payments for those who die of COVID? I have never heard of hospitals being paid for each cancer patient, heart patient, etc. What has made COVID so different? One thing for sure, this is a financial bonus for the hospital corporations and serves to keep them in line with the agenda of the persons and/or organizations that started this payment system.

J. Ronald Winter

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