COVID vaccine did not receive extensive testing

Published 2:31 pm Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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To the Editor:
One major problem with the COVID vaccine is that it has never been approved by the FDA basically because it has not gone through extensive long-term testing which is required for certification. It was developed by large government expenditures under an EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION which resulted in even less testing than previous vaccines before being administered to people. The COVID vaccine is probably the least tested vaccine ever given to people.
To do this on the scale (size of the population) we have seen is mind boggling. In addition, Big Pharma is not held liable for any problems that develop. In other words if a sizable number of people have serious side effects or numerous deaths occur they cannot sue Big Pharma for malpractice. Big Pharma is legally protected. This is a result of the National Vaccine Injury Act along with the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP). (The big question is: Why were these ACTS passed to protect Big Pharma? Was it due to lobbying and big money and continued for the same reason?) Thus there is no reason for them to be overly concerned about valid testing. The research and development phases could be minimized. Get the vaccine out fast and make big money. It is my firm opinion that these acts relative to Big Pharma should be immediately repealed and they should be held accountable.
These Government Acts may explain the large number of vaccines that are available today. It seems Big Pharma has gone on a vaccine craze. In recent years it seems there is a vaccine for every problem. Why not, if you are not liable and can make large sums of money?
Presently these vaccines are mass marketed under the Public Health umbrella mentioned above. Most drug stores now offer the vaccine shots. I generally say no to vaccines due to the limited testing required and the lack of official FDA approval. It is best to use the normal immune system and rely on vaccines as a last resort. If you select a vaccine be sure to verify its testing/trial history and see if it is FDA approved. A lot of young children also have had problems with some vaccines. Be careful.

J. Ronald Winter

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