Time to sign up… Elizabethton City Schools in the registration process

Published 4:08 pm Wednesday, June 23, 2021

As the Elizabethton City School system puts its final wrap around a very successful summer school program, now is the time for those parents who live outside the city school zones to begin registering their children to attend the school system as a tuition student.

The process is a simple one to take care of as the form to do so is located on the Elizabethton School system’s website and provides detailed information such as the tuition prices as well as payment options that are available.

One thing that will be different this school year is that students whose parents are employees of the City of Elizabethton will not have to pay tuition.

The Elizabethton Board of Education approved the waiver during the May meeting.

This application must be filled out if your child will be attending the school system as a new tuition student in grades K through 8 and the child resides outside the Elizabethton city limits.

High school students, full-time ECS employee’s children, returning out-of-zone students, or returning tuition students do not have to complete this form.

Parents are reminded that a separate application must be completed for each new student in the family.

Also, if parents want to request a first-time Out-of-Zone placement for their elementary student, they must also complete this form.

What this means is that your child is zoned for a particular elementary school but it is desired for the student to attend a different Elizabethton elementary school.

The school system has provided the following link,
https://forms.office.com/r/Fi96EnnRQ3, for parents to obtain more information for other types of registration, the high school tuition application process along with information on pricing and payment options.

Elizabethton City Schools are planning on returning to a five-day schedule in the 2021-2022 school year and the wearing of face masks will be optional as the school system is working toward returning to pre-pandemic operations.

If parents have further questions, the school system can be reached at 423-547-8000. The school system also wanted to remind applicants that the application does not guarantee your child a space in Elizabethton City Schools, but it does hold his or her place in line for available spaces.