Learning the right elements… Elements of Motion opens doors to offer personal training

Published 4:50 pm Thursday, June 24, 2021

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Sometimes people struggle in their weight loss programs or don’t understand the proper way to approach a training program to gain strength and get turned all topsy turvy before throwing up their hands and giving up.

Now, that doesn’t have to be the case as Elements of Motion, a new business that just opened in the upstairs section of the Ritz Mini-Mall located at 527 East Elk Avenue in Suite 7, can help someone that feels off course to find the exact path they need to take to fulfill their life’s desire.

The business had its ribbon cutting with members of Elizabethton Main Street and the Elizabethton-Carter County Chamber of Commerce on hand to welcome them to the downtown area.

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“We came up with that name because we think there are different aspects of wellness and fitness – elements if you will that go into everyday life and that is what we want to teach people and or to guide people in that right direction if they feel lost or don’t know where to start,” said co-owner Ashley Turner.

Elements of Motion co-owner Seth Rhoton added, “We can help with any fitness goal whether it’s just to help with form or just someone that wants to get stronger or maybe just starting out. We will help them with their nutrition and fitness program and we are just trying our best to help everybody.”

The new business fills the void of a previous gym that was once located there and Rhoton said that it was the perfect fit for the business.

“It use to be an old gym and it already had that feel to it and I don’t know if you can get away from that feeling,” commented Rhoton. “We found this place here and found a vision and we wanted to be able to train under our own expense and not have huge money goals that we had to meet every month so we could lose the stressing part about it until we can make our impact a little bigger.”

The two trainers have been well prepared and qualified to help their clients to reach the goals that they might have as both Turner and Rhoton have been trained through NASM – the National Association of Sports Medicine and have their certificates.

Turner received her certificate one year ago while Rhoton has been certified for three years.

“We have both learned so much from each other and become better trainers. We both pride ourselves in knowing that we have two different experiences with the fitness industry that we want to venture into the world with and teach and learn from each other every day,” added Turner.

Being a new business, the goal of the two co-owners is to help their clients by working within the client’s busy schedule.

“Right now we just kind of schedule what our clients need,” stated Rhoton. “Whenever they need to train during the day, we work with them and try to schedule as best we can when they are available throughout the day and that seems to work right now.”

Many clients search out personal trainers to assist in preparing for different types of competitions. Both Turner and Rhoton agreed that they do not want to limit themselves in helping any client and if they are not familiar with the type of training needed to help their customers they are willing to search out assistance so they can not only help out that one client but possibly someone else that enters their doors.

“We pride ourselves on learning new things so if someone comes in and says, “Hey I really want to train for this type of competition,” if we do not know the best ways, that is when we reach out to get resources from people at other gyms, online resources, or anything like that,” Turner stated.

“We don’t have an issue learning something new because that helps us along the line in the event another person were to come in and need the same training. We are opened minded to any type of person coming in here.”

“Strength and weight loss are the biggest ones,” Rhoton said as he chimed in on different types of training. “Nutrition comes into play with weight loss and strength training. We have actually trained people for MMA fights before and just basically any type of training someone needs, we can adapt to it and learn what we need to.”

Information on Elements of Motion is readily available on social media, Instagram, and Facebook at Elements of Motion PT. The business can also be reached by emailing elementsofmotionpt@gmail.com to reach out with any questions from nutrition and fitness questions to training questions.

The phone contact information is also available on social media.