How about a review of, drum roll here… Freiberg’s on E. Main Street in Johnson City 

Published 3:24 pm Friday, July 2, 2021

First let me begin by saying I have shied away from this particular restaurant for a long time. For years I had heard friends speak of it but I, well I admit I do not like cabbage. I can’t stand the smell and really I cannot get past that. And I also heard that most German restaurants specialize in cabbage. However I do love different ethnic foods and I will at least attempt something before completely dismissing it. So I broke down and tired it. 

First, I was already in downtown Johnson City explaining to my seven-year-old son Eli about how I use to ride the transit buses and how the transfers work when I looked to my old stomping ground, Mel’s stamps and coins. My grandmother lived in Keystone and as a child I would walk to Mel’s and trade Nintendo games, the old ones, you know before they were $60 a game and the size of an SD card. But I digress. 

Beside Mel’s sits Freiberg’s so I decided to go in. It is neatly on the corner of Main Street looking like something one would find in the downtown area of Chicago. I loved it already. We went in and it did not disappoint. It brought back a feel of old J.C. The upstairs seating. The old wood that made up the walls. The bar in the back. Tables scattered in no particular order. It felt great just being in such a place. The first few times we went we were taken upstairs to the great delight of my son. He loves balcony seating. The last time we went they seated us near the stairs. I enjoyed the view of the entire room. When Sarah, our lovely waitress, came to the table the menus had not been touched. Why? Because Eli and I already knew what it was we wanted. I always order the delectable cordon bleu. I have never found its equal in any restaurant and I have been to too many restaurants from here to Louisiana and back up to Canada on Michigan’s side. And I have to say this is by far the best. Eli gets the large pretzel with a beer cheese dip which again is out of this world. But wait there is more. You get two sides with the cordon bleu, however the portions are so massive I elect to only get the mouthwatering mashed potatoes to which I saturate in the beer cheese dip. To say I am a fan is a gross understatement and if you have not made the trip to discover this wonderful little spot, then friends, it is a terrible loss for you. 

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