Marriages, Circuit Court & Realty Transfers

Published 2:18 pm Friday, August 6, 2021

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Robert Christopher Cantey and Dicky Lou Cooter, Kingsport.
Gracie Beth Cuthbertson and Dakota Lee Johnson, Johnson City.
James Alexander Dylan Guinn and Ashley Hope Verran, Elizabethton.
Samuel Patrick Kelly and Alexis Sierra Lynn Terrell, Johnson City.
Isaiah Logan Key and Megan Elizabeth Ollis, Bluff City.
Jacob Timothy Larkins and Seanna Elizabeth Bailey, Elizabethton.
Bryan Harding Martin and Mary Constance Frank, Johnson City.
Wesley James Murray and Annie Christine Woods, Bluff City.
Heather Renea Roberts and Christian Matthew Fitzgerald, Watauga.
Dwayne Edward Solomon and Juliette Christine Ceffalo, Johnson City.

Amanda Mendes vs. Max Fisher (order of protection).
Sarah Taylor vs. Matthew Taylor (child support).
Max Fisher vs. Amanda Mendes (order of protection).
Child Support NC Bumcombe vs. David Sherlin (child support).

Realty Transfers
The following real estate transactions have been recorded this past week at the Carter County Register of Deeds office.
Nathan O. Hook et al to Lester Bruce Sarr et al, Dist. 6, $397,800
Churchill W. Hill et ux to Catlin Winston Hill, Dist. 9, quitclaim
Casey R. Robbins to Kirby Taylor et ux, Dist. 9, $429,000
Kenneth Taylor, trustee to Chaudhry Raza, Dist. 9, $429,000
Jonathan Mark Garland et al to Hattie Ann Garland, Dist. 1, quitclaim
LPP Mortgage Inc. to Robert F. Delozier, Dist. 17, $97,118
Patti Sue Shoun to Wayne Clemons et ux, Dist. 12, $5,000
Aaron Allen et ux to Megan Danielle Gresham, Dist. 15, $261,000
Glenn Dale Stout et ux to Drew Cave et al, Dist. 12, $109,900
Casa Del Sol 2 LLC to Matthew Goodmon et ux, Dist. 12, $18,350
Everette E. Stout et ux to Joshua Deyton et ux, Dist. 10, $240,000
Tim Smith to Megan Johnston et vir, Dist. 17, $200,000
Hilary D. Blankenship to Maria Jaueregui Lozano et vir, Dist. 14 & 15, $130,000
Glenna L. Cates et vir to Rebecca Lubag, Dist. 9, $247,000
Ann R. Shepard to Zachary Burnop et ux, Dist. 6, $345,000
Daniel Shane Buckalew et al to Suzanne J. Myers (trustee), Dist. 9, $85,000
Thomas Wayne Humphreys et ux to Thomas W. Humphreys et al, Dist. 6, quitclaim
Tommy Wayne Humphreys to Thomas W. Humphreys et al, Dist. 6, quitclaim
Jerry W. Alford et ux to Messer Family Trust, Dist. 11, $185,000
Geraldean Harvell to Guy Shameika Kish, Dist. 5, quitclaim
Eileen M. Goretski to Theodore W. Heater, Jr., Dist. 1, $395,000
Jenny L. Jackson to Calvin Willis et ux, Dist. 3, $8,500
Chad Jason Lewis et al to Jared Owens et al, Dist. 6, $261,000
Ray R. Buck to Randy Powers et al, Dist. 6, $90,000
Sharon Kay Edwards to Emily Marlene Good, Dist. 6, $89,000
Jill D. McCarley to Brittnee Lee Nave, Dist. 6, $116,000
Gregory Scott Woodby to Debra Lynn McKinney, Dist. 6, $140,000
Rhonda Lynn McNeal et al to Ricky D. Duvall et al, Dist. 14, $152,000
Adventure From Home Inc. to Leandro Carrasco Delgado et al, Dist. 13, $160,000
Lee W. Carden to Sheila G. Floyd, Dist. 4, $93,000
Patsy Jane Little Poe to Anthony Accetturo, trustee, Dist. 6, $80,000
Mathew Dustin Jaynes et al to Jonathan Street, Dist. 7, $86,000
Jane Whitener to David Dusylovitch, Dist. 2, $230,000
Bradley S. McKinney to The Hump Mountain Company LLC, Dist. 16, quitclaim
Hanneke F. Counts et al to Loye L. Ray, Dist. 6, $535,000
Rebecca D. Laney et vir to Mark Muhlenberg et ux, Dist. 10, $490,000
Albert Meehan et ux to Russell Dean Meehan et ux, Dist. 11, quitclaim
Phyllis A. Todd to Christa E. Presnell, Dist. 7, $113,000
Jimmie Wiseman to Nicholaus Tyler Arnett et ux, Dist. 14, $55,000
Ruby M. Vandagriff to Charles Keith Bowers, Sr. et ux, Dist. 15, $80,000
David Banks et al to Jonathan Wilson et ux, Dist. 10, $250,000
Charles L. Britt et ux to Wendi S. Keihn et vir, Dist. 1, $343,500
Pauletta Pierce et al to Timothy Alan Stanley et ux, Dist. 9, $120,000
Rex B. Johnson et ux to Carter M. Quillen et ux, Dist. 12, $16,000
Ann Hardin to Chelsie Pratt et vir, Dist. 7, $140,000
Wendy J. Eayre to William O. Davis, Dist. 12, $75,000
Jimmy Wiseman to Jimmy Wiseman, Dist. 14, quitclaim
John Worley Hinkle to John Hinkle et al, Dist. 15, quitclaim
Clyde Steward Williams III et al to Robert Stout, Everette Stout, and Jarrod Ellis, Dist. 9, $115,000
Tammy S. Hamm et al to Christopher Summers et al, Dist. 15, $175,000
Michelle P. Bowers to Alexis J. Bowers, Dist. 7, $80,000
Arthur Blevins et ux to Lisa White, Dist. 15, quitclaim
Ryan Shumate et ux to Joseph Collins and Kaitlin Collins, Dist. 5, $263,000
Darrell D. Birchfield et al to Jennie Jarrett et al, Dist. 16, quitclaim
Donovan Cale Smith et al to Paul D. Hunter II et al, Dist. 14, $155,000
JoAnn Windecker et al to James A. Buntyn et al, Dist. 2, $275,000
Gary Hazen Street et al to Misti Dawn Smith, Dist. 12, $35,000
Pearl Ann Ledford to Michael Elliott Noe et al, Dist. 14, $282,000
Larry Keith Scalf et ux to Nathan A. Venancio, Dist. 10, $133,000
Adam P. Ashley et ux to Constance Markland Scott, Dist. 7, $140,000
Robert Steve Burrough, Sr. to Robert Steve Burrough, Jr., Dist. 8, quitclaim
Robert Steve Burrough, Sr. et ux to Robert Steve Burrough, Jr., Dist. 14, quitclaim
Robert Steve Burrough et al to Robert Steve Burrough, Jr., Dist. 7, quitclaim
Richard Bowie to Double J. Investments LLC., Dist. 9, $2,500
Erica Felice Winter et al to Jerald A. Zisa et ux, Dist. 2, $92,200
Randall Paul Peters to Brad Eastridge et al, Dist. 9, $46,500
Gay A. Arnold to Neal Wade Thompson, Dist. 16, quitclaim
Jane R. Whitener to Forrest Whitener, Dist. 2, quitclaim
Shane Jones et ux to Jacob T. Barb, Dist. 7, $80,000
Richard K. Fox, trustee to Bryan L. Pratt et ux, Dist. 12, $998,000
Robert E. Stout to Melissa Ann Stein, Dist. 6, $195,000
Janie Lane Dowell to Betsy Kilgore Jones, Dist. 9, $31,500

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