Some more local fun and even more talent

Published 2:40 pm Thursday, September 9, 2021

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As I have written before, I am a member of the local Appalachian Celtic group here in the Tri-Cities. Every year the group holds its annual festival and it is usually at the Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site in Johnson City on S. Roan Street. The is my first year of attending and my son Eli and I had a wonderful time. We spent four hours listening to Celtic music performed by live groups, looking over handmade crafts and art. It was a beautiful day for walking the grounds, and even exploring an onsite cave. This was my son’s favorite part. In fact, at one point he tells me, “OK daddy, you stand out here. I want to go in one more time,” and he follows it with “and don’t do anything crazy”! This could be because I am always doing something to get his goat. 

Also, as I like to do, I discovered a wonderful talent in a young lady there. Her name is Jazmine Martinez and she is an artist. Her grandmother owns a mobile food stand and actually sets up daily locally. I was standing in line when I noticed the drawing of the dragon. She had several other pieces on display, mostly of the anime variety of characters. But I noticed the simple black and white drawing that I was told she had just finished a few minutes before I stepped up. I grabbed it up and asked about it and herself. Jazmine is young so she was quiet for most of the conversation. As her grandmother began to tell me of her granddaughter’s accomplishments of selling her work to people as far away as California I became more impressed with her. I believe if given the right encouragement and support, which I believe she has, this young woman has a grand future in the art industry. Overall, I believe the event was a resounding success. They also hold one for Halloween and Christmas and I look forward to attending both.

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