Reader calls vaccines, COVID case increase a government deception

Published 12:10 pm Tuesday, October 12, 2021

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To the Editor:
Our deceptive government has no end to what it will claim. For example, the present increase in the COVID variant infections is being totally blamed on those who have not been vaccinated. That is Biden’s reason for pushing vaccination mandates which are a violation of our constitutional rights. But the actual seed for the present viral outbreak is the large number (thousands) of infected illegal immigrants that are being transported to nearly every state in the union. On top of this a large number of persons who have been vaccinated are being infected by the COVID variant and are thus active spreaders. This is the true/real situation. Not what you hear from the media, liberal politicians, many medical/hospital organizations and digital platforms. To further aggravate the situation, the CDC and NIH attempts to prevent people from using FDA approved medications that have been shown to be effective against COVID and its variants. The CDC and NIH protocol will not allow these medications to be used in hospitals. In addition, they arrogantly criticize and try to forbid the use of medications such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin in any situation. If this was not being done the hospitals would not be crowded and the death rate would go down. This is wrong. People are being hospitalized and dying as a result. This means these organizations and the executive branch of federal and state governments should be prosecuted.
When you step back and look at society you begin to realize that a large segment of society have made Fauci a god and the ludicrous rules and regulations the gospel. Of course this is supported by the liberal politicians, the general media and digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. This grandiose brainwashing (gas lighting) of the public is used to push their agenda. All of this has been propagated by the skillful use of fear. Sadly the affected people never look at the facts (truth). And now the administration has requested that the media platforms remove all reports on the negative effects of the vaccines experienced by many people including deaths. They again do not want the public to know the facts. Another example of government deception.
The other thing that would be most revealing would be the money trails associated with the virus vaccines. How much has big pharma profited as a result of the vaccine push/mandates and what about possible payback/kickbacks to various politicians and other public officer holders as well as hospital corporation managers/executives? Another looming question is who or what organization started the procedure of paying hospitals for each COVID patient. Why? The hospitals are not paid for each cancer or heart patient. Over the years there have been two major hoaxes that have had a major effect on mankind. They are 1. Evolution and 2. Global warming/climate change. A third major hoax can be added now. It is COVID. Could it be that the COVID hoax is being used as a precursor to the end of the age. It has had a negative effect on Christianity. Church attendance was drastically reduced and may never fully recover. This in turn has greatly reduced communication among church members which is one of the great tenants of Christianity. Christianity’s reach to a fallen world has been seriously affected. It is difficult to help others (go into the whole world) when you are overwhelmed with fear whether fabricated or real. The Christian church has been marginalized, thus allowing for the introduction of apostasy and a movement toward the universal one world church/religion (the apostate end times church) that is not grounded in the Bible.
When you survey the whole situation both locally, state wise or nationally you finally realize that Christian principles have taken a back seat. If our leaders (politicians and corporation management) had been Christians the immoral and unethical situation in which we find ourselves would have never occurred. If our society does not return to the Christian bedrock principles on which this nation was founded our liberties/freedoms will disappear; i.e., the society/nation that we grew up in will cease to exist. Pray for a RETURN.
Closing comment: the emphasis of the Biden administration on vaccine mandates is an excellent way to cover up the ludicrous fiasco in Afghanistan. It is a typical way that liberal politicians use to distract the people from a massive failure. It also gives the liberal media a new propaganda platform to divert attention from more important issues. Senator Ted Cruz recently made the same statement.

J. Ronald Winter

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