Marriages, Chancery & Circuit Courts & Realty Transfers

Published 2:13 pm Friday, October 22, 2021

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Marriage Licenses
James David Anderson and Kendrea Michelle Parsons
Bridgett Diane Angle and John Lawrence Marcucci
Justin Neal Baker and Amanda Louise Dugger
Staci Dean Bare and Glynis Dawn Miller
Austin Kyle Boling and Riley Leeann Barnett
Caitlin Brook Carter and Cole Landis Bailey
Sean Patrick Thomas Connell and Katlyn Ann Pope
Jacob Thomas Crook and Sydney Morgan Birchfield
Hannah Brook Denney and Dustin Ray Turbyfill
John Tyler Dula and Riley Michelle Solomon
Stephen Lee Elsey and Emily Irene Holtsclaw
James Steven Thomas Erickson and Kasudi Blayse Burchett
Peyton Ryan Ford and Alexis Cheyenne Wallace
Robert Scott Hammett and Jessica Lynn McDonnell Baumgardner
Jami Lauren Hebert and Daniel Sylvester Campbell
Chrissie Dawn Hess and Jessica Renee Ledford
Troy Abram Hill and Maryann Jean Lyons
Katrina Ann Hopson and Lewis Gene Mayes
Jonathan Nathaniel Humphrey and Miranda Leigh Buck
Meranda Marie Janowiecki and Nicole Jennifer Davis
Michael Jerry Johnson and Susan Jean Miller Plecker
Tonya Star Justus and Raymond Blaine Woodby
Wayne Gordon Knott and Wendy Lee Lingard Patterson
Utsav Kumar and Michel Andrea Kay Zukoski
Dusty Alan Lefler and Jennifer Marie Hazelwood Rouse
James Mark Lundy and Alison Joyce McKinney Peters
Erik Steven Miller and Amy Lauren Parker
Aaron Edward Miller and Elizabeth Vane Oakley
Daniel Hernandez Olan and Glendaly Davila Olmeda
Cody Dean Palmer and Jasmine Amanda Pack
Shay Danielle Plummer and Dakota Robert Keith Dickerson
Joshua Brian Rice and Kassie Renee Erwin
Eric Emerson Schultz and Heather Michele Griffis
Terry Allen Simerly and Donna Gale Willis Newell
Cody Dalton Sorrell and Emily Josephine Williams
William Keith Trivett and Constance Diane Glover
Andrew Edwin White and Megan Gail Bowers
Danial Lynn Woelkers and Brittany Leeann Norris
Michael Anthony Woodard and Angela Dawn Potter Woodard

Chancery Court
Jessica Rae Harris vs. Ian Joseph Harris (divorce).
Peter Arnold Zolton Jr. vs. Penny Leigh Marler Zolton (divorce).
Frances Elise Hummel Bailey vs. Travis Dean Bailey (divorce).
Stephanie Ann Shoemake vs. Fred Edward Shoemake Jr. (divorce).
American Express National Bank vs. Jennifer Kain (contract debt).
Tabatha Lynn Boggs vs. Logan Sky Boggs (divorce).
Carter County TN vs. Deborah J. Price (Violation of County Litter Ordinance).
Rachel Lauren Crosswhite vs. William Andrew Jack Keene (order of protection).
Donald Campbell vs. Sam Harrison (order of protection).

Circuit Court
Anthony Scott Ragan vs. Tiffany Jo Ragan (divorce).
Alyssa Bhrett Guinn vs. Dustin Scott Guinn (order of protection).
Harley Campbell vs. Phyllis Campbell (divorce).
Shawn Barfield vs. Bill Gillespie and Plymouth Rock Condominiums Inc. (damages/personal injury)
Olivia Richardson vs. Lloyd Anthony Richardson (order of protection).

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Realty Transfers
The following real estate transactions have been recorded during the past week at the Carter County Register of Deeds office.
Zachary James Potter to Jacqueline Chivers Potter, Dist. 5, quitclaim
Jeanne Brumit Simerly and Kay Brumit Mathes to Terry E. Banner et ux, Dist. 4, $60,000
Curtis Sapp et al to Curtis Sapp et al, Dist. 14, quitclaim
Michael Adam Stout to Emilee Noel Berry, Dist. 7, $225,000
Margaret C. Jordan to Brandon Riles et al, Dist. 5, $181,200
Donna Caldwell to Sandra Edwards, Dist. 10, $9,000
Lisa Vezzosi to Donald Hlavaty et al, Dist. 6, quitclaim
Donald Hlavaty et al to Donald Hlavaty et al, Dist. 6, quitclaim
Donald Hlavaty et al to Donald Wayne Hlavaty and Mary Ell Halavaty (co-trustees), Dist. 6, quitclaim
Trudy K. Brumitt to Ashley D. Brumitt et al, Dist. 5, quitclaim
Nancy Oaks Greenlee et al to Leslie L. Hughes, Dist. 15, $184,900
David E. Rasnick et ux et al to Jacob Oliver et ux, Dist. 18, $240,000
William L. Grove et ux to Hunter Rote Harrison, Dist. 17, $340,000
Mark Forbes et al to George King et ux et al, Dist. 2, $300,000
Sarah Gerarde to Beau Gerarde, Dist. 6, quitclaim
Austin Jaynes to Schaaf Real Estate Holdings LLC, Dist. 18, $45,000
Tammy Hyder to Tammy Y. Hyder et al, Dist. 18, quitclaim
Larry James Grindstaff, personal rep to Larry James Grindstaff et al, Dist. 15, quitclaim
Christopher G. Ellison to Jerry McMahan, Dist. 6, $8,000
Joan M. Johnson to Jana G. McNeal, Dist. 2, $280,000
Frankie A. Whitaker to TGH Properties LLC, Dist. 15, $55,000
Robin Michelle Gilbert to Jared Nicolas Cole Jordan, (no district listed), $170,000
Sarah J. McClean to George Rubesha et al, Dist. 5, $127,500
Jennifer Tipton, personal rep to Jennifer Tipton, Dist. 5, quitclaim
Robert William Gill to Robert William Gill et al, Dist. 3, quitclaim
Jeffrey Carden et al to Gemini TVA Properties LLC, Dist. 18, quitclaim
Mark Forbes to Jonathan Cameron Stevens, Dist. 14, $65,000
Robin Joyce Loessberg to Cameron Loessberg, Sr., Dist. 9, quitclaim
Eric Landon Buck et al to Eric Buck, Dist. 6, quitclaim
Kimberly Dawn Fowler et al to Julia Mynatt Axley, Dist. 8, $164,900
Heather L. Brickey to Stephen D. Brickey, Dist. 12, quitclaim
Jackie Lee Guy to Jackie Lee Guy et ux, Dist. 14, quitclaim
Pine Palms Properties to Whaley Maupin Fulks LLC, Dist. 6, $250,000
Robert T. White et ux to Joshua Adam Perkey, Dist. 5, $162,000
Charles Keith Bowers, Jr. et ux to Mark Mears et ux, Dist. 3, $415,000
John Justice, successor trustee to Nancy Beskar, Dist. 1, $169,900
Danny Ray Tanner to Amy Beth Jones et al, Dist. 10, $60,000
Robert M. Greene II et al to Katelyn D. Money et al, Dist. 5, $165,000
The Mallard Group LLC to Winchester Holdings Corporation, Inc, Dist. 1, $650,000
Bryan C. White et al to Alfred Joseph Fonzi et al, Dist. 9, $375,000
C&M Solutions LLC to Edward Alan Prater, Jr., Dist. 6, $174,900
Scott Keith Holly and SKH Properties to Bruce B. Soto et ux et al, Dist. 14, $10,000
Gerald Wright et ux to Gary Fisher et ux, Dist. 13, $30,000
Michael Whitehead et ux to Eddie Taylor, Dist. 1, $2,300
Michael Whitehead et ux to Eddie Taylor, Dist. 1, $2,300
Shelia Petitt, personal rep to Noe A. Reyes et al, Dist. 9, $110,000
Therese A. McKinney to Christopher M. Bowers et ux, Dist. 7 $42,000
Patricia S. Green to Kenneth Hopland et ux, Dist. 6, $95,000
Monica Hollifield to Kenneth Hopland et ux, Dist. 6, $40,000