The Biden economic crisis is out of control

Published 2:11 pm Tuesday, November 9, 2021

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Imagine an economy with high wages, endless opportunity, affordable goods, and outstanding growth.
This is not what we have today. The prices of basic goods are going up thanks to out-of-control inflation. Businesses, including small businesses, are struggling to fill available jobs. And because of this, we’re now seeing supply chain shortages resulting in empty shelves.
This is the Biden economic crisis. Instead of solving this crisis, President Biden and House Democrats are pushing big government tax and spend policies that will further stifle economic growth, hamper job creation, worsen our supply chain crisis, and cripple our economy.
Next time you visit your local supermarket, consider this: the price of eggs is up 12.6%, the price of bacon is up 19.3% and the price of apples is up 8% over the past 12 months. And that’s if you can even find these goods at the store.
And that’s not all. You also paid 42% more for gas to get there. Here’s the truth, inflation is taxation, and it’s out of control in Biden’s America. Jimmy Carter would be proud.
Instead of incentivizing Americans to rejoin the workforce, the Biden-Pelosi agenda is encouraging people to stay home. And they’re mandating that employers impose authoritarian vaccine mandates against the will of workers who may have legitimate reasons for not taking the vaccine. If workers don’t comply, they could lose their jobs. The Biden administration won’t even consider naturally acquired immunity, which millions of Americans have because of contracting COVID-19.
This big government socialist agenda, along with the additional spending in a “reconciliation” bill currently being debated by Democrats, is the wrong prescription for American economic recovery.
We need to go back to the pro-growth policies of the Trump administration and Republican leadership.
Americans should be encouraged to get back to work. Investment in our economy, not the federal government, should be prioritized. We must put an end to the out-of-control spending in Washington, D.C., and restore fiscal sanity.
Only these policies will reignite the pre-pandemic prosperity enjoyed by Americans.
(Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger represents Tennessee’s First Congressional District. She is a member of the House Committee on Education and Labor and the House Committee on Homeland Security.)

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