Who rescued who

Published 12:38 pm Wednesday, November 24, 2021

As a writer and artist I love being around creative people. If I am not creating I love watching others do their thing and I watch on in amazement as their talents unfold before my eyes. I recently met someone that has the inspiration of being a writer. I have read her work and am very impressed. So impressed was I that I offered her to write her first published work here. And to say she accepted my offer would be a slight understatement. She was not only thrilled she began working on her column straight away, ideas flowing, opinions asked, keyboard clicking away and then a wonderful story about one of her best friends was produced. Without further adieu I am pleased to introduce the first published work by Lorie McReynolds…

Who Rescued Who?

What is your favorite breed of dog? Do you like Schnauzers or a Shar-pai? Or is a German Shepherd, a Poodle or a Rottweiler more your style? What about an ordinary mixed dog that you have no idea what breed it is? Well, my favorite breed of dog is a rescue dog. A rescue dog in my opinion is the most special breed of dog.

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My first rescue dog was a miniature Schnauzer named Sadie. Her coloring was grey and white. When she looked up at me with those large grey eyes sitting underneath the wildly unkept eyebrows, she stole my heart instantly. She was actually found on the road by a driver with a big heart and a lot of love for animals who saved Sadie from certain death. She was frightened, hungry, bleeding, and suffering from what I now know was bladder stones. The very sweet lady who found her took her to a local veterinarian, Dr. Steve Dotson. A mutual friend whom I had told I was looking for a miniature Schnauzer, gave Dr. Dotson my information. Poor Sadie was suffering from five bladder stones that were the size of a quarter each. Once he performed the surgery, I brought her home to be the newest member of our family. She was a great companion, and I was able to give her six more years that she probably wouldn’t have had without me. She was fat and sassy and loved to run and play in the backyard. I could stand and watch her for hours as her little legs bounced through the yard. However, in 2018 she developed cancer and I had to let her go. To say my heart was broken was a gross understatement. She was my friend, my baby, and my companion. During her illness, Dr. Dotson said I would know when it was time. Because she wouldn’t eat her favorite meal — scrambled eggs, I knew it was getting close. Letting her go was nothing short of losing a family member. And at times, I can still see her playing in the yard. She will always be a part of life even though she is not here.

After the heartbreak of losing Sadie, I thought I could never bring another dog into my life. But then Daisy came along. She was a rescue from South Carolina, also a miniature Schnauzer. Her coloring is all black, she has brown eyes, and a stubby little tail that is always wagging. A friend of mine that works with rescues sent me a picture of her and it was love at first sight. She is so different than Sadie. Sadie would try to do everything to please me. Daisy, however, just wants me to please her. She is a lot younger and without the health problems Sadie had. She is feisty and rumbustious and actually saved me. She came into my life when I was heartbroken, lonely, and needed someone desperately. And God sent her to me. So, my title says it all — Who Rescued Who? Daisy came into my life at a time when so many things were turned upside down. She gave me something to focus on. Something to take care of. Something to love, and something that would return that love. So, I may have been the one that rescued her, but in all reality, she was the one that rescued me. So the next time your child or you decides on getting a dog, you might want to consider getting a dog to rescue.

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