If I could have chosen any profession…I would have been a stage magician

Published 1:14 pm Wednesday, January 12, 2022

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If I could have chosen any profession…I would have been a stage magician

Answers from last week
1. Answer: John Adams
2. Answer: Ulysses S. Grant
3. Answer: William Henry Harrison
4. Answer: George Washington
1. Answer: Rutherford B. Hayes

The Jag

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I saw the lines, the curves, and the beauty. I knew from that moment on I was and would forever be in love with her. I remember when I was a child I stayed with a friend of mine, Chuck Smith. He was the epitome of a southern gentleman. He was educated, spoke well, and was a World War II veteran. He was a fountain of knowledge ranging from history (Roman being his favorite), Old Hollywood which he adored, and cars. He loved cars; he had mountains of magazines from nearly every publication that specialized in automobiles. He drove a beautiful beige Cadillac Eldorado which I loved. He had specially ordered paint and all. The leather seats, the early Boze sound system. It was a 1985 and I thought it was the classiest car I had ever seen. But, this is not the beauty I am writing about.

However, it was in one of these aforementioned magazines that I met the car beauty of my dreams. I was a true red-blooded male. I was interested in girls and cars, even at such an early age, but it was the Jaguar. The Xj8, I believe it was, that captured my eye. Once seeing my expression Chuck began to tell me the history of them and the more I heard the more in love I became. I was around nine years old at the time. Chuck was a family friend but he felt more like a grandfather to me. I told him I wanted one of those beautiful cars and then he told me the cost.

Many years later after moving to Michigan, where I spent five years, I was able to lay my hands on my dream car. In Michigan you can find nearly every car imaginable. And I found a 1976 Jaguar. The price was reasonable and as I drew closer to this wonderful car my heart began racing. I purchased the car and then, as a pattern in my life, tragedy struck and I had to leave Michigan but I could not take my Jag back to Tennessee with me. But now almost ten years later I found her again, not the 76 but a Jag. She is more modern but still has the sleekness that most of the euro cars have. So with that said, for me 2022 is not starting out so bad. In my life I have three of the things I have wanted most from life, an old phonograph (I have always wanted one because it symbolizes a bygone era), a beautiful faithful woman, and a Jaguar. And now I have my girl Lorie by my side and my son Eli in the backseat, driving around in a Jaguar. What more could a guy ask for? I would like to say a big late happy birthday to my son, who was born eight years ago on Jan. 2, and a big happy birthday to my girl Lorie who was born on the 14th …..years ago.

Birthday Memories

Lorie Ann McReynolds

When some women get to a certain age, they stop having birthdays. Well, not physically of course, but mentally. Forever 25. Forever 29. Forever 35 and so on. I used to be one of those women. I dreaded the year I turned 30. Then 40. Now I am turning 51 in a few days, and I am learning to embrace it. I have worked hard for those 51 years. I have had a wonderful life and accomplishments that I am proud of. But why, in the past, did I dread my birthday? I guess no one wants to think of themselves as getting older. Maybe because I felt like I should have accomplished more by that age than I did. Maybe because life seems so short. I really don’t have a reason for the dread because my birthdays have always been wonderful. My family and friends constantly made sure my birthdays were special. And I have several special memories.
When I was turning 9, we had several feet of snow. We lived in the county and back then they didn’t treat the back country roads with scraping and salt. My mom couldn’t “get to town” as she would call it to buy me a present. So instead, she wrote in a birthday card and put money in it. She said as soon as the roads were clear, we would go to town and let me pick out a Barbie doll for my birthday and we would “have a big time.” My mom always knew how to make me feel better.
One birthday (I wish I could remember what age it was) my daddy made me a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. He made both the cake and icing from scratch. That was the best birthday cake I ever tasted or will ever taste. I also remember when I was a little girl, my sister took a poster board and folded it in half to make the world’s biggest birthday card ever. On it, she drew pictures for me to color and created games on it for me to figure out. I was so thrilled with it.
So, ladies, if you are half a century old like me, don’t dread the next birthday. God still has a purpose for me and for you while we are here. Again, I am embracing 51. I am very thankful and grateful to be turning another year older. And I can’t wait to see what this year holds.

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