Chancery & Circuit Courts & Realty Transfers

Published 12:51 pm Friday, February 4, 2022

Chancery Court
Haley Elaine Moore vs. Casey Benjamin Moore (divorce).
Lindsey Berkley vs. Nicholas Berkley (divorce).
Patrick M. Perry, Delma K. Keene, Brian G. Pasco, Victoria Pasco, Denise Ward, Emily Porterfield and Wind Crest Property Owners Association vs. The Hump Mountain Company, LLC and Bradley S. McKinney (Real Estate).
Jessica Ann Broome vs. Dylan Blaze Broome (divorce).
Billy Ray Sheets vs. Melissia Rachelle Hartley Sheets (divorce).

Circuit Court
Shelly Collazo vs. Wesley Sales (child support).
Amy Dugger vs. Calvin Dugger (order of protection).
Deere Credit Inc. vs. Corey J. Crumley (contract/debt).

Realty Transfers
The following real estate transactions have been recorded during the past week at the Carter County Register of Deeds office.
Marvin Sheets to Dennis I. Sheets et ux, Dist. 2, $6,000
Joshua Aaron Putman to Margaret S. Holtsclaw, Dist. 2, $50,000
Edward S. Rollins, trustee to Scott McIlquham et ux, Dist 5, $53,220
Hayes Davis et ux to Harry Edward Reagan et ux, Dist. 15, $100,000
Adam Guy to Keegan Parr et ux, Dist. 16, $429,900
Erica M. Powell to Alvin M. Hodge, Jr., Dist. 10, quitclaim
Tateitha Morley et al to Mateos Antonio Damian, Dist. 5, $189,900
Lisa Dawn Humphrey to Alisha Michelle Sexton, Dist. 7, quitclaim
Alvin Ray Petty et ux to Michael Anthony Grindstaff et ux, Dist. 19, $62,000
Jerry Lee Bowers to Earl L. Dugger, Jr., Dist. 7, $117,500
Allen C. Harrison to William Harrison, Dist. 7, quitclaim
Allen C. Harrison to C.J. Harrison, Dist. 14, quitclaim
Allen C. Harrison to C.J. Harrison, Dist. 3, quitclaim
Coen S. Powell et al to Skyler Ogle, Dist. 11, $116,000
Matthew Jones to Kadence Jones, Dist. 12, quitclaim
Steven Vannoy (trustee) et al to Cynthia M. Thompson (trustee), Dist. 14, $177,900
Jonathan P. Sluder and Amy Sluder to William Eberhardt et al, Dist. 15, $185,000
Jeanette McCormick to Patrick John Owens et al, Dist. 9, quitclaim
Mitchell A. Morton et ux to Richard A. Nolan et ux, Dist. 3, $250,000
Russell Taylor et ux to Chelsea Hutchins, Dist. 6, $240,000
Connie Black, trustee to Phillip L. Taylor et ux, Dist. 10, $75,000
Jacob Michael Spellman to Joshua R. McKillip et al, Dist. 14, $146,500
Alvin Ray Petty et ux to Justin H. Adams et ux, Dist. 18, $53,800
Kyle Stout to Mary Walker et al, Dist. 14, quitclaim
Erma L. Wright to Tammy L. Dugger et al, Dist. 9, quitclaim
Ann Kay McEntyre Miller to Thomas Michael Miller et ux, Dist. 5, quitclaim
Daniel Peterson to Erin Blount, Dist. 11, $180,000
Gary Gene Berton et ux to Arthur J. Parvin, Jr., et ux, Dist. 9, $165,000
Louie Scott Price et al to Joseph Stanley Horton et al, Dist. 17, $268,400
Phillip Lee Self et al to Duane Zimmerman, Dist. 7, $186,000
Gaylord Smith to Randall G. Fox, Dist. 6, $15,000
Michael J. Pritchard to Aaron Duke et ux, Dist. 2, $315,500
Ronnie L. Carrier et al to Lanny Carrier, Dist. 12, quitclaim
Lucas Hughes et ux to Bryan White et ux, Dist. 17, $80,000
Jerry Hitechew to Jeff Chambers, Dist. 15, quitclaim
Robert Blevins, personal rep of estate of Ruby Martine Bradshaw to Bethany Hyatt et al, Dist. 7, $150,000
James Lee Magness et ux to James Lee Magness and Patricia Phillips Magness, trustees, (no district listed), quitcliam
Thomas Matthew Davis, personal rep to Thomas Matthew Davis, Dist. 14, quitclaim
Stephen Cacy Fink to Stephen Cacy Fink et ux, Dist. 15 quitclaim
Albert Richard Wilson et al to William C. Hawk et ux, Dist. 9, $79,650
Tennessee Housing Development Agency to Adventure From Home Inc., (no district listed), $95,000
Tice Hendrix Tansil and Novice Hendrix Goss, co-executors to Tice Hendrix Tansil, (no district listed), quitclaim
Novice Hendrix Gross to Novice Hendrix Gross et vir, (no district listed), quitclaim
Jacquelyn Blackwell Robinson to Robert F. Blackwell, Dist. 7, quitclaim
Clifford Davis et ux to Jason R. Blevins et ux, Dist. 15, $25,000
Wayne Baumunk et al to Laura Carter, Dist. 7, $50,500

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