Steve Finney announces run for district attorney

Published 4:00 pm Friday, February 4, 2022

Steve Finney, a local attorney with over 30 years of experience, has officially announced his candidacy for the position of District Attorney in the First Judicial District. Steve is a native of the region, having grown up in Carter County, and spent his professional career within the district’s judicial system.
“I spent the first 13 years of my career as an Assistant District Attorney in the First Judicial District working alongside our regional law enforcement agencies,” explained Finney. “I had the benefit of working with some of the most generous and committed professionals and learned a lot about what it takes to effectively build cases and coordinate investigations with the men and women within our law enforcement community.”
Finney has committed to three main focuses within his campaign that he believes are going to be critical to the success and effectiveness of the office of the District Attorney — Experience, Communication, and Commitment.
He recognizes that the key to his success as the District Attorney rests first upon having relevant experience that will help him lead and support his own team of Assistant District Attorneys as well as the law enforcement teams, he will work with in collaboration. Having worked as both an Assistant District Attorney for 13 years and as a Criminal Defense Attorney for the past 17 plus years, Finney said he understands both sides of the judicial process within the district.
He has been practicing in both State Courts and U.S. District Courts with capital case experience in both sides of State Court.
Finney said he feels strongly about the ongoing need to invest in education and training within the office of the District Attorney. “I was greatly impacted by the courses and training that were made available to me as a young Assistant District Attorney. I want to make sure that our team is taking full advantage of the opportunities that are available to help us improve our process, and better serve the First Judicial District,” said Steve. “I was able to take such courses as the Career Prosecutor Course in Houston, Texas and the Advanced Forensic DNA Course that the National District Attorney’s Association sponsored at the University of South Carolina. These kinds of educational conferences are very important not only for the new insights, but also for the opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas it provides for our Assistant D.A.s.”
That’s where communication comes in for Finney’s vision for the office of the District Attorney. “There has to be active and effective communication between the District Attorney’s office and law enforcement throughout the First Judicial District,” explained Finney. “In my prior tenure as an Assistant D.A., I communicated with every officer in the cases I handled along with speaking at their in-service training sessions. Effective training and communication are what the community needs and deserves. Having well-trained and coordinated case development will produce better, more stringent, and consistent prosecutions. That’s what I will provide to the First Judicial District.”
Finney said his commitment to creating an engaged and proactive office of the District Attorney is his main motivator, and the reason many had asked him to consider running. His reputation as a Criminal Defense Attorney has demonstrated Steve’s belief in the judicial process within the First Judicial District. “As an Assistant D.A., I would go to all homicide scenes; so that I could get eyes on the crime scene and to assist law enforcement in anything they might need — including search warrants and arrest warrants. It didn’t matter what day or time there was a need, I would be there. I was also involved in all major drug round-ups for the same reason, to properly assist our law enforcement officers in their duties,” assured Finney.
“I was committed then, and I vow that when elected, my office will do the same,” stated Finney. “Being the District Attorney is not an 8 to 5 job. I accept that and will be committed to effectively and professionally serve our community and our district.”
Steve Finney will appear in the First Judicial District primary elections on Tuesday, May 3, 2022 — with early voting happening between April 13 through April 28, 2022. Voter registration must be completed by April 4, 2022.

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