Ah, Valentine’s Day

Published 11:42 am Wednesday, February 16, 2022

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So last week was Valentine’s Day. The day when we are to show our girls or guys a little extra special love. But why just one day? Why not show that special person you love them all year? I take great pride in trying to show my girl how special she is all year long. And since the lovers’ holiday fell on Monday this year and no one has the day off work for that particular holiday my girl and I celebrated over the weekend. And I have to say it was the best Valentine’s Day I have ever had. It makes a difference when you spend it with someone that reciprocates your affections and efforts in trying to make a relationship work; it cannot be a one-sided effort. In my past I have found that the more effort I put in the less I received but now life is so different. In times past, Valentine’s was nothing more than me buying some gifts just to appease an ungrateful person. But now I am with someone that is so unlike anyone I have ever known. Now I have a beautiful intelligent woman that cares as much about me as I do her. She shows affection and love in ways I have never known. She has made my life so much better. Where once there was only darkness and despair, light now shines and is near blinding. I look forward to every moment I get to spend with her. Just sitting and watching movies or going for a drive seem to be the greatest joy I can think of. Thank you babe for making Valentine’s Day such a special day for me this year. You are the best! I love you.


Lorie Ann McReynolds

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I don’t like change. I never have. I am a creature of habit. A planner. Surprises are sometimes difficult for me. The job I have with the orthopedic group is one I have had for almost 21 years. In 2007, I moved from the corporate office in Kingsport to the Bristol office location. And I have been working there for nearly 15 years. My coworkers are my family. I spend more time with them than I do with my own family. We share each others’ celebrations and we have shared the tears of heartaches. I am truly blessed to work in an environment like that. To be surrounded by people that actually care about me, is beyond doubt a blessing.

In the Bristol office location, my work area was sort of out in the open in cubicles. Even though we all work well together, I am the type of person that gets distracted easily. Then an opportunity arose for me to move to another location which would provide me with my own office. This new location offers fewer distractions. The reality of having my own office was exciting. I began packing my belongings. My coding books and notes. My pictures. Little items I had collected over the years. It is astonishing how much stuff I accumulated in 15 years.

Moving day came and I was overwhelmed with emotions. Excitement and sadness filled my heart at the same time. I had waited so long for my own office but again, for me, change is hard. That morning I went to the Bristol office location to get the rest of my belongings. I was determined not to cry, and I succeeded for the most part. A lot of hugs were exchanged then I was off to my quiet little office. I realize that we will stay in touch — we have to — we are family. We will meet for dinner often. But to not be surrounded daily by the people that mean so much to me will be an adjustment. Friends that have cared for me and supported me during the hardest times of my life. Friends that have made me laugh until I cried. Solid friends. You know who you are. The girls on the front, especially my two best friends. The girls and guy (scarecrow) in billing (so glad my roommate is going with me). The switchboard girls, especially the little sister I never had but always wanted. The x-ray girls who threatened my new boyfriend to be good to me. The nurses who always took care of me when I had a problem. My office manager and clinical supervisor, who are very good to me. I will miss seeing you all every day, but I know our friendship will survive me being just a few miles down the road. Because once again, you are my family.