The clock strikes 12 for local candidates

Published 10:39 pm Thursday, February 17, 2022

As of the qualifying deadline on Thursday, 75 candidates have submitted the needed paperwork to be included on the May 3 Primary ballot.
There is an additional 10 Independent candidates that will be included on the Aug. 4 General Election ticket.
Several notable commissioners who were incumbents did not submit qualifying paperwork by the deadline.
Those include the following:
Mike Miller – District 2
Mark Tester – District 3
Isaiah Grindstaff – District 4
Austin Jaynes – District 4
Ross Garland – District 5
Layla Ward – District 5
Sonja Culler – District 7
Robin McKamey – District 8
Two other incumbent commissioners are seeking other offices in the county, including District 6 Commissioner Randall Jenkins, who is running for the County Clerk office, and District 6 Commissioner Travis Hill, who is seeking the office of Trustee that will be vacated when Randall Lewis retires.
District 2 and District 5 only have two candidates who have turned in qualifying papers for each district. Election Administrator Tracy Tanner-Harris explained the process for making sure each seat is filled.
“Anyone can fill out a certificate to run as a write-in up until March 14 by noon. If there are still positions open and no one has ran as a write-in, that position will be on the November ballot,” said Tanner-Harris.
Larry Adams joined Chad Lewis, Travis Hill, Aaron Greer, Jeffery Guinn, and Andrew Wetzel in seeking the County Trustee office.
The Carter County Election Commission has not received its report back from the Tennessee POST in regards to whether current candidates qualify to run for the office of sheriff against the current sheriff Dexter Lunceford. Tanner-Harris said “and that is very odd.”
The candidates have until Feb. 24 to withdraw their name from consideration. Also, on Feb. 28, the candidates that have been qualified will be certified by the election office to go on the ballot for May.
The following candidates will be on the May 3 Primary ticket once certified:
Carter County Mayor
Patty Woodby (R) – incumbent
Michael Wayne Ensor (R)
Danny Ward (R)
Aaron Greer (R)
Jeffrey Guinn (R)
Travis Hill (I)
Chad Lewis (R)
Andrew Wetzel (R)
Larry Adams (R)
**Randal Lewis – incumbent is retiring
Dexter Lunceford (R) – incumbent
Kimmie Birchfield (R)
William “Mike” Fraley (R)
Capt. Thomas Smith (R)
County Clerk
Mary Gouge (R) – incumbent
Randall Jenkins (R)
Circuit Court Clerk
Johnny Blankenship (R) – incumbent
Register of Deeds
Jarrod Ellis (R) – incumbent
Superintendent of Roads
Roger Colbaugh (R) – incumbent
School Board
Christopher Hitechew (R) – incumbent Dist. 2
Garry Oaks (R) – District 2
Jeremiah Tolley (R) – District 3
Tony Garland (R) – incumbent District 5
Creola Miller (R) – incumbent District 7
Terry Hubbard (R) – District 7
District 1
Robert Acuff (R) – incumbent
Mark Blevins (R) – incumbent
Willie Campbell (R) – incumbent
Kenneth Fitzgerald (R)
Nick Holder (R)
District 2
Nancy Brown (R) – incumbent
Julie Guinn (R) – incumbent
District 3
Bradley Johnson (R) – incumbent
Steve Burrough (R)
Angela Odom (R)
District 4
Jerry Proffitt (R) – incumbent
Danny Deal (R)
Gary Kemp (R)
Michael Roberts (R)
District 5
Ginger Holdren (R) – incumbent
Lisa Childress (R)
District 6
Gary Bailey (R) – incumbent
Donnie Cable (R)
Todd Smith (R)
Pattie Duffield (R)
District 7
Aaron Frazier (R) – incumbent
Daniel McInturff (R) – incumbent
Jason Rasnick (R)
District 8
Thomas Proffitt (R) – incumbent
Cody McQueen (R)
Public Defender – 1st Judicial District
Jeff Kelly (R) – incumbent
General Sessions Judge
Charles Bowers (R) – incumbent
Criminal Court Judge – 1st Judicial District
Stacy Street (R) – incumbent
Lisa Rice (R) – incumbent
District 1
Benny Montgomery (R)
Chad Odum (R)
Gary Perry (R)
District 2
Chris Grindstaff (R)
District 3
Jerry Miller
Scott Whaley
District 4
Nicole Pate (R)
Harvey Shaffer (R)
Jim Winchester (R)
Jason Jones (R)
District 5
Mark Carrier (R)
District 6
James Bowers (R)
Brian Keener (R)
Bobby Trivette (R)
John Henson (R)
District 7
Dustin Baker (R)
Kenneth Potter (R)
District 8
Robert ‘Bob’ Carroll (R)
Republican State Executive Committeewoman -3RC
Charlene Thomas
Circuit Court Judge Part 2 – District 1
Lois Bunton-Shults-Davis (R)
Suzanne Cook (R)
District Attorney General
Steve Finney (R)
Chancellor – 1st Judicial District
John C. Rambo
Circuit Court Judge Part 1 – District 1
J. Eddie Lauderback
The following will be included on the ballot for the Aug. 4 General Elections:
Devon Buck (I)
Leon Humphrey, Jr. (I)
Rocky Croy (I)*
District 1
David Nichols (I)
District 3
Charles Von Cannon (I) – incumbent
David Cannon (I)
District 6
John Lewis (I)
District 8
Kelly Collins (I) – incumbent
District 1
Ronald Reed (I)*

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