Spring and earth’s rebirth are just days away

Published 4:47 pm Tuesday, March 1, 2022

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Spring is almost here — and so is Daylight Savings Time, which takes place on the second Sunday in March. The time change means more daylight time in the evening.
With spring just days away, it is time to take a moment to pause and look around and see the different flowers coming into bloom. Winter is dreary and the trees were bare with all the flora and fauna dormant. It’s exciting to see the crocuses peek out in the freezing cold weather and the forsythia bushes starting to bloom.
If you were a diligent gardener in the fall, spring bulbs have popped up with the beauty of daffodils and hyacinths. Tulips have begun to burst through the ground as are some lilies. These gorgeous perennial will greet us in April as does the awakening of the flowering trees such as dogwoods, cherry blossoms, and so many more.
It is a season of birth and renewal and the earth is responding to its call. Just as the weather warms, baseball and softball season begins. It is time to head outdoors and enjoy the weather as the sunshine and warm temperatures this week beckons us to throw aside our winter coats and enjoy the first breaths of spring. Bicycling has made a comeback in the neighborhood and children as well as adults are going for rides on trails around town.
Spring’s arrival means there are no excuses for not getting outside for a long walk on a trail or rambling on paths. It’s running season, too, with more people out running in the morning and evening than before, For drivers, it is important to remember as the days get warmer, more and more people will be out. Therefore, drive slow and keep cyclists, runners and pedestrians in your view at all time. The few seconds it takes to heed driving regulations could make the difference between a good day and disaster.
COVID is still with us, but there are signs it may be letting up some. Hospitalizations are down and the CDC is relenting some on mask wearing. Hopefully, COVID will soon be in our rearview mirror.
Spring is a season we all look forward to, because it marks a new birth, nature coming alive, and a lot of other things. It doesn’t mean that winter has completely disappeared as snow in April is not unusual.
But soon, spring will creep in and curl up at the foot of the bed.
There’s no two-week self-quarantine for spring. The robins won’t be sheltering in place or even maintaining a 6-foot social distance out on the backyard fence. Crocuses beat the first true day of spring by a week or two in some areas. Seed catalogs are dog-eared already, orders placed, and thoughts of time outdoors are on everyone’s mind.
Spring will bring us outdoors to give a nod and “how ya doin’?” to the neighbors or strangers walking by. Sidewalk conversations and sharing our experiences can still happen now, at a distance, outdoors. Even with life turned upside down, the seasons come and go. Spring is almost here. We can put a lot of miles on the walking shoes before June 21 at 5:14 a.m. EDT when summer comes knocking.

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