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Published 11:45 am Friday, March 4, 2022

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Being a fan of history, especially of our great country and a complete fan of presidential history, I find the final words of our leaders very interesting, and I hope that you will as well.
George Washington: “I am just going. Have me decently buried and do not let my body be put into the vault in less than three days after I am dead.”
John Adams: “It is the glorious Fourth of July. It is a great day. It is a good day. God bless it. God bless you all.
Thomas Jefferson: “Is it the Fourth? I resign my spirit to God, my daughter to my country.”
James Madison: “Nothing more than a change of mind, my dear. I always talk better lying down.” Responding to a niece, who asked, “What is the matter, Uncle James?”
James Monroe: “I regret that I should leave this world without again beholding him.” Referring to James Madison.
John Quincy Adams: “This is the last of Earth. I am content.”
Andrew Jackson: “I hope to meet you all in Heaven. Be good children, all of you, and strive to be ready when the change comes.”
Martin Van Buren: “There is but one reliance…”
William Henry Harrison: “Sir, I wish you to understand the true principles of government. I wish them carried out. I ask nothing more.”
John Tyler: “Doctor, I am going.” “I hope not, sir,” said the doctor. “Perhaps it is best.”
James Polk: “I love you, Sarah. For all eternity, I love you.” (spoken to his wife)
Zachary Taylor: “I am about to die. I expect the summons very soon. I have tried to discharge all my duties faithfully. I regret nothing, but I am sorry that I am about to leave my friends.”
Millard Fillmore: Accepting a spoonful of soup from his doctor. The nourishment is palatable.
James Buchanan: “Whatever the result may be, I shall carry to my grave the consciousness that at least I meant well for my country. Oh Lord God Almighty, as thou wilt.”
Abraham Lincoln: “It doesn’t really matter.” In response to his wife’s admonition not to hold her hand at Ford’s Theater, because people might see them. Lincoln’s final utterance was laughter.
Andrew Johnson: After falling out of his chair, he spoke his last words to his distraught daughter. “My right side is paralyzed.”
Ulysses Grant: “Water.”
Rutherford Hayes: “I know that I am going where Lucy is.”
James Garfield: To his chief of staff, David G. Swaim: “Oh Swaim, there is a pain here. Swaim, can’t you stop this? Oh, oh, Swaim!”
Grover Cleveland: “I have tried so hard to do right.”
Benjamin Harrison: “Are the doctors here? Doctor…my lungs.”
William McKinley: “Good-bye — good-bye, all. We are all going. It’s God’s way. His will be done, not ours. Nearer, my God, to Thee, nearer to Thee. We are all going, we are all going, we are all going. Oh, dear.”
Theodore Roosevelt: “Please put out the light.”
Woodrow Wilson: “I am a broken piece of machinery. When the machine is broken… I am ready.”
Warren Harding: “That’s good. Go on. Read some more.”
Calvin Coolidge: “Good morning, Robert.”
Herbert Hoover: When told that Admiral Strauss had come to pay him a visit. “Levi Strauss was one of my best friends.”
Franklin Roosevelt: “I have a terrific headache.”
Dwight Eisenhower: “I’ve always loved my wife, my children, and my grandchildren, and I’ve always loved my country. I want to go. I’m ready to go. God, take me.”
John Kennedy: “That’s very obvious.” In response to “Dallas loves you Mr. President.”
Lyndon Johnson: “Send Mike immediately!”
Richard Nixon: “Help” (Called out to his housekeeper. A stroke then left him mute and partially paralyzed. He died the next day.)

A Dream come true

By Lorie Ann McReynolds
Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to become a writer. In elementary school, whenever the teacher would assign writing a story for homework, I would be filled with excitement. The other kids in my class, however, would groan. I loved writing stories. I loved escaping into a story that I had total control over everything. I always did very well on those writing assignments. I also enjoyed reading my stories out loud to the class. I remember even one of my friends commenting back then to the teacher that she thought I would make a great writer.
Throughout high school, I would write many poems and short stories. I was better at writing my emotions on paper and letting the feelings flow through the ink of my pen. When I went to college, I took a creative writing class. It was the best class I ever took. I still have a paper I wrote from back then with my teacher’s handwritten notes all over it. He wrote “Excellent” at the top and made comments about how well my writing was throughout the paper. I was in heaven.
After college, my dream still was to write. But then life happened as it usually does. Marriage and a son. Family priorities took over. I chose to let my writing take a back seat to my family. I have no regrets in doing that. However, the passion and thrill of writing stayed with me. Then after 22 years, I found myself single again. I had a lot of time on my hands. I decided to rekindle my passion for writing which also allowed me to escape from a difficult time. I started writing a book about a Christian murder mystery. My son bought me a laptop so I could write anywhere. All he asked for in return was for me to finish my book. I promised him I would.
Now I am dating a wonderful guy who is also a writer. He has published many books. He is extremely good at what he does. We have so much in common. Now we are working on a book together.  A Christmas murder mystery. (I love a good mystery.) It will be available Christmas 2022. I am so blessed to be able to follow my dream of writing. It truly is a dream come true.
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