The world is on God’s timetable

Published 8:14 am Wednesday, March 9, 2022

From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham

Dear Rev. Graham: My professors have said that man will destroy the world someday. Other professors say that man will ultimately find a way to live in Utopia. Which is it? — F.W.

Dear F.W.: Many great scientists said that the world would never reach the 21st century. A Canadian physicist once said that man has the power, if applied in its maximum dosage, to cause the world and all in it to disintegrate in less than one minute. The reality is that the world is ultimately on God’s timetable, and one day Jesus Christ is going to return and bring peace. This is the picture of Utopia that the world does not understand because it will not come by the efforts of man. It will come by the intervention of Almighty God.
You see, we are all hopeless without God. Many search for a way out of trouble but fail to look to the only One who can solve our problems.
The Bible tells of a blind man names Bartimaeus. One morning this poor, helpless, and hopeless blind man sat along a busy road. When he heard great commotion he asked, “Who is coming?” In the confusion, a crowd passed him by without an answer. He grabbed the skirt of a passerby and cried out, “Who is coming?” The stranger jerked away but answered that Jesus was passing by. And Bartimaeus cried out to the Lord (Mark 10).
So many people have never cried out to Jesus. So many have never considered Jesus. How important it is for each person to acknowledge Christ and make a decision to follow Him; to accept the salvation that He offers to everyone. Do not turn from Him. Receive Him and follow Him. It is the most critical decision to having eternal life in Heaven.
(This column is based on the words and writings of the late Rev. Billy Graham.)

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