Dangerously Funny

Published 3:14 pm Wednesday, March 16, 2022

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I have an absolute affinity for biographies, autobiographies and all around history of how things are made, achieved, and the struggles people go through to make their dreams come true. A trait I am very proud to say my son also shares. He never watches much for entertainment. It is all about how things are done, created, or someone’s achievement. So with that said I recently finished a book titled “Dangerously Funny” by David Bianculli. In short the book chronicles the Smothers Brothers from their beginnings to being fired by CBS and beyond. I listened to the book on audible which is my addiction. I feel as though audiobooks were made just for me. I can be doing chores around the house and still listen and it is like constantly reading something, a pleasure I have enjoyed since childhood. Please allow me to digress a bit. I love the written word and when someone writes a book about how things are made or behind the scenes I eat it like a slice of apple pie with ice cream on the side. I love them. And this book fed right in there. I could not stop listening.
I am not old enough to be a fan of the Smothers Brothers when it first aired however I was around as a child when a new channel was introduced that played nothing but old TV shows, especially sitcoms of days gone by. The channel was Nick at Night. And the Smothers Brothers, much to my delight, was routinely played on the channel and I watched it regularly. As I grew I knew they were kicked off their show for political controversies which in comparison to today’s television shows seems laughable. After listening to the book my thoughts about the show were altered a bit. It did not turn me against the show or stop me from trying to find episodes to watch. In fact it just made me think that even though I do not agree with all of their politics I do however appreciate what they were trying to do even though the way they went about it was very wrong and I could understand why they were fired. So if you are in the mood for a good book and want to learn a little about the ’60’s culture overall I highly recommend this book. It is a must!
The Joy of Bluegrass
Lorie Ann McReynolds
My ex-husband and I used to listen to Bluegrass music all the time. He actually got me hooked on it. Gospel Bluegrass is my favorite. We went to many Bluegrass concerts. My favorite group is the Bluegrass Brothers. Their rendition of “Wait a Minute” is one of the best I have ever heard. I remember the first time we saw them. We were at the beach, and they were playing at the recreation center. These five rough looking guys came out on the stage, and I immediately had my doubts about their abilities, and I am embarrassed to say I prejudged the group beforehand. But I was soon proven completely wrong. In fact they were GREAT! Not only were they great they were so humble when you gave them a compliment. And so very sincere in their singing. I remember how some of the concert goers were lined up against the wall of the recreation center with their red Solo cups raised up high in honor of those guys singing. It was such a great time.
When you have gone through the heartbreak of divorce, memories are hard. Even the good memories. It has been hard to listen to Bluegrass music during these last few years. And then a few weeks ago, something happened. I always like to have some noise in the background when I am working around the house. Either I have the TV going or the radio on. This particular evening, I had Andy Griffith on in the background. It was the episode with the Darlings coming to town. The Darling family was there to meet Charlene’s fiancé who had just come back from the war. He would be arriving in town on the bus the next day. She and her dad were in the front of the old truck and her brothers were in the back. They were playing Bluegrass music. And I stopped what I was doing, and I listened to the music. Instead of sadness, I felt a renewed sense of joy. Something familiar yet not as painful. And it felt good.
I am grateful that God allowed me to have that moment. He showed me that there are still good moments to have. Even if those moments remind me of the past, I can — feel them, experience them, and make it through them — without breaking down. I am trusting God to give me more good moments instead of not so good moments. And He has already started.
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