‘Wanting to always help’ has led Baggett to role as pastor, police officer

Published 1:20 am Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Josh Baggett is the pastor for Revival Church as well as an Elizabethton Police Department officer and the SRO (school resource officer) for Elizabethton High School.
Baggett is a role model for many people in Elizabethton, including students from EHS and the congregation at Revival Church.
Baggett has been preaching since age 13 and says he had frequently heard the calling from God to practice His teachings, but has only embraced the role of pastor for about a year since the founding of Revival Church.
In his role as pastor, Baggett preaches and prepares specific sermons, offers personal aid and counsel, and feeds his congregation the true meanings and messages from the Bible.
“The ultimate goal is to see others come to know Christ,” he said. “My number one goal is to tell people about Jesus and if you’re not saved, to tell you how to get there. That’s my number one goal, to spread the love of Jesus.”
He is hopeful for the future of Revival Church and has found true fulfillment in listening to his calling.
At his day job, Baggett is an officer of the Elizabethton Police Department but has undertaken the assignment of being the SRO for Elizabethton High School.
He has been a patrolman for nearly four years and will be receiving his corporal rank in August.
“I’ve always wanted to be a police officer to truly protect people and really make a difference. I have always wanted to help,” Baggett said.
He notes that his favorite part about being a police officer is being a positive role model to all and to show genuine help to those who need it.
Baggett is very happy where he is in life right now and can only see himself leaving his position at the Elizabethton Police Department and EHS if God calls him to full-time ministry.
Both of Baggett’s influential roles in the community intertwine to support his role-model status.
“No matter where I’m at, whether it be with the kids, or in the community on the job, I just want to do my best for whoever may come across my way so they can see the light of Jesus in my actions. Even with the kids, I want them to see that I actually care about them and I’m a kind person reflecting the attributes of Christ,” said Baggett.
Even with how fulfilled Baggett is in his role as pastor of Revival Church and his job as SRO for EHS, he admits that it can be difficult balancing the different aspects of his life, including his family.
“I’ve got two boys and a little girl at home and I’m married. It’s hard to balance all three. I wish it wasn’t, but it is. You just gotta remember, God is first. If God is first, everything else will line up correctly,” Baggett said.

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