Non-profit spotlight… Carter County Drug Prevention strives to reduce drug use in teens

Published 12:23 am Friday, March 18, 2022

Carter County Drug Prevention is a local non-profit that caters to children ages K-12 in order to help stop the amount of drug use in teens.
“Ultimately, we want to create a safer and healthier community for these kids to grow up in,” said Jilian Reese, the non-profit executive director.
The group provides services to anyone in the Carter County and Johnson County area. Carter County Drug Prevention is different from many other drug-related non-profits as the goal is to stop drug use before it even starts.
“We provide children with these programs so that they don’t have to turn to detrimental things when they have nothing else to do,” Reese said.
The group operates about  30 different programs that range from after-school tutoring to coping skills classes to programs for adults.
“About 50% of children in Carter County don’t have parents who check in with them about drug use. It’s important to us that the parents also know the risk of what’s out there,” said Reese.
This statistic led to seminars and classes for parents. These classes help parents who are struggling with children who participate in drugs or alcohol.
These programs are supported through funding from four different grants, but the non-profit also accepts donations through the community.
Donations go towards items for crafts, building maintenance, and many other aspects of the programs.
“We want to provide as many programs as possible for our community and funding is the best way for us to make that possible,” said Reese.
In addition to the location on 210 S. Hills Drive, they are getting ready to open a new location in Downtown Elizabethton. The ribbon-cutting ceremony is on March 23 at noon.
“We invite everyone in the community to join us and get to know everyone. We’re excited to expand and continue helping the community,” Reese said.

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