Reader expresses interest in Carnegie Libraries

Published 11:57 am Friday, March 25, 2022

To the Editor:
The Carnegie Library has been a vital part of my life for 76 years. Wherever I have lived there has been a Carnegie Library. Andrew Carnegie gave grants for building libraries in the early 20th Century. Carnegie is a well-known name in Johnson City (steel manufacturing and Carnegie Hotel).
During my first grade year I lived in Pittsburgh, Pa. I went to the Carnegie Library and Museum after school and saw a huge dinosaur skeleton and an Egyptian mummy. This institution still exists today and it is one of the original buildings. There is a Carnegie Library at Mountain Home VA which is now used as a lecture and meeting hall. Tusculum University has a Carnegie Hall which is still in use as a library.
I would like to contact others in the area who are interested in this subject. Are these people on the Historic Register? If you are interested, please send your contact information to the Elizabethton STAR to be forwarded to Virginia Stone.

Virginia Stone

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