COVID, government, and Big Pharma

Published 11:46 am Tuesday, March 29, 2022

To the Editor:
With the COVID-19 pandemic came the first time in American history you had the government in bed with a domestic corporation/company. It turns out that the whole goal of this venture was to maximize the profits of the associated companies followed by government officials and their associates receiving kickbacks with much occurring through company stocks. Historically the goal of our government was to regulate industry and thus protect the people/public from unscrupulous actions of corporations/businesses. When the government is in bed with (directly involved with) any corporation you are having a move toward tyranny. This was a dangerous precedent that needs to be declared unlawful; i.e., avoided in the future.
This is exactly what happened between our government and Big Pharma (Pfizer, Maderna, etc). The vaccines should have been recommended by people’s family doctor not some government agency(s). In any event, the use of vaccine mandates guaranteed that Big Pharma would make huge profits. To further ensure the success of this government industry alliance, propaganda was used to instill a level of fear that was bewildering to the average citizen. Of course the liberal media was used as a great amplifier of this doctrine of fear. This further led to the ill conceived mask mandates and then the ill advised shut-downs in most states. “To sum it up” this was a sham to take advantage of the many for the benefit of a few as well as to pave a way to move us toward socialism.
The whole profit scenario was further enhanced by the payments made to hospitals for each COVID patient, the condemnation/vilification of other cheaper medications that had been proven effective against COVID and canceling/condemnation of doctors and other medical personnel who did not go along with the CDC’s agenda. The profit motive was also aided by the fact that the vaccine mandate led to discrimination between persons that were or were not vaccinated. This forced a large number of people to be vaccinated who did not desire the vaccination if they wanted to keep their job, attend certain functions or enter certain establishments.
Some of the previously mentioned fallout from the above scheme was mask mandates and ill advised lockdowns/mass quarantines. The lockdowns and quarantines led to a great increase in depression and anxiety. Prior to this event anxiety and depression affected only 11% percent of the population but afterwards it affected over 40% of the people. There was likewise a large increase in the suicide rate as well as abuse. Another un-American effect was the use of so called “essential businesses and organizations” that were allowed to stay open. The methods of selecting the essential businesses and organizations were unconstitutional and followed progressive/socialist guidelines. This led to the statement that spiritual needs of people was not essential; i.e. the spiritual needs of people are unimportant. This was a blatant attack on Christianity and other religions. Fortunately, many churches did not comply stating this act was unconstitutional. These churches were fined and criticized by the media. Some ministers were threatened with jail if they did not shut down. This actually happened in Canada.
In an effort to correct the severe economic effects of the ill advised lockdowns the government devised a plan to aid corporations and businesses in recovery. This was a good effort. In addition, the government indiscriminately sent out checks to most citizens, many of whom did not need it. Special, rather lucrative unemployment payments were also made available. These unemployment benefits were initially needed but as the pandemic slowed down they were not stopped or slowed down thus people could make more money by continuing to get the unemployment benefits rather than by working. This led to a labor shortage and added to the slow recovery of many, if not, most businesses. This has slowed down the return to normal. Another recent example of the government indirect manipulation is the use of climate change legislation and executive orders in effort to force people to buy expensive and under-developed electric vehicles. This is being done by artificially curtailing the use of hydrocarbon fuel, especially gasoline and natural gas, followed by a large increase in cost and the resulting inflation. This is another case of the government interfering with the free enterprise system. It is the people in an open/free economic system that determines the desired products not legislation.
Well, America wake up and realize that the whole COVID episode was a step toward the introduction of socialism in this nation. This scheme has also spilled over to other nations such as Canada, Britain, Australia and others in Europe. Perhaps it is a scheme to move the whole world toward a one world government, one world economic system and a one world religious system. For more information on this scheme, research “THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM (WEF)” and “THE GREAT RESET.”

J. Ronald Winter

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