Letter writer thanks reader for criticism of his letter

Published 11:47 am Tuesday, March 29, 2022

To the Editor:
Thanks to Dick Ryan for his criticism of my letter to the editor on my thoughts on the Ukraine War. While I don’t agree with anything he said he has the right to his opinion which isn’t allowed in Russian or Ukraine. I could have been clearer in what I said. I thank him for giving me the opportunity to be clearer. Ryan said I was wrong to say there was no good side in the Russia and Ukraine war. Ryan said I didn’t watch the news and should know that good guys are fighting Russia. I, like a lot of people, only watch the mainstream media news for entertainment only as it has lost all credibility. It was funny when the mainstream media claimed to have reporters on location in other countries when they were in their studios. Trump was correct to call CNN fake news. For example, the mainstream media ignored the Hunter Biden laptop story for 17 months and are just now agreeing that it’s true. It appears Ryan like most people think the loudest most repeated news is correct. I prefer to listen to Christian news, while it isn’t the loudest or the most repeated it is the truest. Some good sources of news are: www.worldviewweekend.com or www.skywatchtv.com/category/daily-update also www.nowtheendbegins.com. Pastor Steve Cioccolanti said Ukraine Zelensky supports abortion and prostitution and has the most corruption of any country. Cioccolanti said Ukraine has the most Nazi members in the world and they have attacked Russians for years. Zelensky made it against the law to speak Russian. Scott Ritter, former U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence Officer, said America trained Nazi members in Ukraine. The media say Zelensky wouldn’t support Nazi members because he is Jewish. Cioccolanti said Zelensky is Jewish just like George Soros is Jewish. Biden said Putin is evil because Putin doesn’t allow same-sex marriage like America. President Biden said the crisis in Ukraine presents us with an opportunity to create a New World Order. So Biden sees some good coming from the war. Sophia Dahl showed a video of a Ukrainian family telling a reporter that the Ukrainian army was attacking their own people and blaming the Russian army. It reminds you of black actor Jessie Smollett lying and saying white Trump supporters attacked him when in fact Smollett paid someone to attack him. The only news that is always correct without error is the Bible. The Bible says in the last days there would be false accusers. The Bible says, “prove (test) all things; hold fast that which is good (true).”
Pastor Geoffrey Grider at www.nowtheendbegins.com said, “Put your feelings about Russia and Putin to the side for a moment and focus on what Zelensky is doing right now in his country and to his people. Ukraine President Zelensky declares martial law, makes all opposition to his government a crime, takes control of the free press and turns it into state controlled media. In other words, Zelensky is now an unopposed dictator who is now running Ukraine just like the way Putin runs Russia.” Tucker at Fox News said, “Zelensky has become a dictator in Ukraine, not a liberator. Zelenky is crushing all dissent just like Russia does.” Kim Iversen said, “The U.S. media ignores Zelensky’s anti-democratic crackdown on dissent.” Iversen said, “Ukraine and Russia are neighbors and with 11 million Russians in Ukraine they are like cousins.” Iversen said it is like a civil war. This is why Russia has not cut all power and water off as they could. It has made it hard for Russia, with Ukraine’s Nazi military not allowing civilians to leave and using civilians as human shields. Before 2014 the elected Ukraine government was friendly with Putin. However, Pastor Grider said, “The Obama and Biden administration in 2014 funded a revolution in Ukraine to install New World Order leadership to bring about the result you are watching now. If you think Zelensky is one of the good guys, you are very mistaken and quite deceived. The first casualty of war is the truth!”
Lara Logan, an award-winning American journalist, said, “We are lying about Ukraine on an epic scale.” Only God knows all that is going on in the Ukrainian and Russian war. Sadly over 10 million are now homeless. They are probably the lucky ones if they left the country. Zelensky and other New World Order globalists want to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. We should pray for the all the homeless of the world. Sad as it may be in Ukraine the worst is yet to come for this world. There will be billions killed or wish they were killed in the coming seven-year tribulations the Bible says.
Most people wrongly think they are good. Jesus said no one but God is good in Matthew 19:17. The most natural and easiest thing do is to put ourselves first and make excuses for what we have done wrong. It’s not in our nature to put God first. Not obeying and not putting God first is a sin. That’s why God sent Jesus to give His life for us and pay for our sins. The foundation of Heaven is justice. For there to be justice you either have to pay for your sins forever in Hell or Jesus pays for them. So Christianity is the only religion that both provides justice and also requires people to let go of their evil pride, which is also rebellion, and admit you are a sinner and need Jesus. Believe Jesus died for your sins and rose again and call on or pray for Jesus to save you. It doesn’t matter how nice, kind and generous one is if they reject the blood of Jesus as their only way to Heaven they will pay for their sins in Hell forever. The forgiveness of all of your sins, reconciliation with God, sonship, eternal life and heavenly glory are yours for the taking. All you must do is believe Jesus and receive Jesus and love Jesus. The four horsemen of Revelation 6 are on the way — so don’t delay!

D.D. Nave

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