Published 11:53 am Friday, April 15, 2022

Lorie Ann McReynolds

When it is time for Easter, I am filled with a variety of emotions. Memories of my childhood flood my mind. My mom and I would color Easter eggs on Saturday in anticipation of my family coming over on Sunday to hide them. I made sure each family member had a special colored egg. We would then apply the prettiest shades of pink to our finger nails to match our pink dresses we were going to wear to church Easter morning. I was always surprised with the Easter basket they got me. A stuffed animal and some candy. A chocolate Easter bunny was my favorite.

I remember after I was married, I was coloring Easter eggs with my son, Dakota. It was our first time and he was so excited. I told him to open the coloring kit box and lay everything out on the table while I brought over the eggs. To his amazement, they had included “treats” in this box. To my shock, I realized he was talking about the coloring tablets. I am still thankful to this day that I turned around in time to explain what he had were not treats. I don’t know how I would have explained a multi-colored mouth to his dad. I love the memories of giving him his Easter basket. One time we had set it outside the front door and as he went outside to get it a field bunny was hopping away. (We had many field bunnies around where we lived at the time.) He was so excited when he saw the bunny and said “there goes the Easter bunny now.”

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But the most important, the most incredible, the most amazing reason Easter holds such a special place in my heart is what Jesus did for me all those years ago. On the cross, He bore my sins. God loved me so much that He sent His one and only Son to save me. Jesus dying on the cross for me was crucial for my salvation, but the most significant event all those years ago was that He rose again on the third day. And He is in heaven right now preparing a place for His children. So, this year I will celebrate by coloring eggs with my boyfriend’s son, Eli, preparing his Easter basket like I did for my son and possibly eat a chocolate bunny but I will also remember the most imperative reason we celebrate Easter: Jesus.

From all of us here we wish all of you out there a very Happy Easter!

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