Blue Hole Falls is perfect short-day hike

Published 11:31 pm Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Located on Holston Mountain in Carter County, Blue Hole Falls is a frequently visited trail and swimming spot. This spot is very popular with many local visitors and even those from out of town.
“I always visit with my friends during the summer. It’s a great place to cool off and hang out,” said Pat Wilkins.
It’s often regarded as a beautiful place to swim and hike. The out and back style trail is only 0.4 miles but can be challenging for those not comfortable with quick inclines.
The trail has two diverging paths at the beginning. One trail is longer and allows for a less steep decline. This trail is paved next to a peaceful stream that, ultimately, leads to the swimming hole itself.
The opposing trail is much steeper with tree roots jutting from the ground. The increase of injury of non-skilled hikers is greatly increased when hiking this trail.
The roots are also quite uncomfortable without the proper shoes. Unfortunately, no part of the trail is wheelchair accessible. On average, the trail takes a total of 12 minutes to complete, without stopping to take in the multiple breath-taking views.
There are a set of very steep stairs leading down to the waterfall view and swimming spot. The stairs can be slick at times, making it difficult for those who are unbalanced.
“I’ve had a few times I’ve gotten extremely unbalanced. It’s not an ideal trail for someone who doesn’t know how to watch their footing,” said Nuten Fuller.
The view from the bottom of the waterfall, however, is marveled at by all. Surrounded by large rock faces and a long-running stream, the waterfall seems to be perfectly located.
The rocks that encompass the waterfall can be slippery and could cause injury. The trail, disregarding the minor flaws, is a perfect spot for families and friends to enjoy.
Dogs are welcomed but must remain on a leash at all times, for the safety of the pet and surrounding hikers.
Ultimately, Blue Hole Falls is a very popular spot for many outstanding reasons.

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