Protecting life shouldn’t be a divisive issue

Published 10:52 am Friday, May 20, 2022

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To The Editor:
The leaked draft opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court revealed the good news that Roe v. Wade will likely be overturned and all abortion laws will be made by each state. It was great to see in the Elizabethton Star online poll that 75 percent said yes to the question, “Should the Supreme court overturn Roe v. Wade.” Theologian Albert Mohler said polls show that the majority of Americans do not favor unrestricted access to abortion which is allowed under Roe and its companion decisions. Only 27 percent of Americans believe abortion should always be legal a Fox News poll found. Americans’ support for Roe and abortion decreases the more they learn about it. Mohler added, “we don’t do morality by polling.” Still, he said, Americans need to understand Roe v. Wade allows abortion through all nine months of a pregnancy!
In 2022 pro-choice people celebrate 49 years of legalized abortion and pro-lifers mourn the loss of over 60 million unborn babies. Abortion is America’s holocaust that began on January 22, 1973. God sees abortion in America as child sacrifice! Abortion is also child slavery because the child is considered the property of their mother. The good news is God will forgive any sin you have committed including abortion when you believe on Jesus as your only Savior who paid the penalty for all your sins on the cross and arose from the dead. Accept Jesus’ free gift of salvation. Rejecting Jesus is the only unforgivable sin!
Protecting life shouldn’t be a divisive issue. Pro-lifers protested peacefully and legally for 49 years. Pro-abortion supporters have been protesting at the homes of U.S. Supreme Court Justices. It’s a federal crime to protest near a judge’s home to intimidate or influence them. I liked that Justice Samuel Alito’s neighbor plays beloved Christian Hymn “Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus” to counter-protest pro-abortion demonstrators outside Alito’s home. Pro-abortion protesters plan violent riots after the official decision by the U.S. Supreme Court this summer. Being pro-life isn’t just a political position, it’s also the Biblical one. The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” For 49 years there has been no justice and mercy for American unborn or pre-born babies. Sadly millions of American babies have been butchered over 49 years because, “men and women love their own pleasure more than their own kids.” Sadly in 2022 Americans care far more about their smartphones than their babies. The scientific fact is the baby inside your body has different DNA and is alive and is not your body. In other words, “The body inside your body is not your body.” “Humans are valuable before they are viable!”
Many are pro-life except human life. In a PragerU video, Will Witt presented people on the street with two petitions. One was to save baby eagles, which was quickly signed by all. The other was to stop the killing of humans which was also well received until the word anti-abortion was added. Young progressives refused to sign to save the babies. One woman said babies are gross. When Will Witt told another woman who had signed the save the eagle petition that we want to protect unborn children’s rights too, she said, “Wait! No! I don’t agree with that!” It’s against the law to unjustifiably injure, maim, mutilate or kill any animal. Most would agree it should continue to be illegal. Why is it legal to maim, mutilate and kill a pain-sensitive unborn baby but not an animal? The Bible says humans are much more valuable than animals.
Evil California and New York want women to have abortions all nine months. California says it will be an Abortion Sanctuary for pregnant women from all other states if Roe is overturned. California politicians plan to make California America’s baby slaughterhouse and be number one in child sacrifices! There are 17 states that have passed laws to keep abortion legal if Roe is overturned. There are 13 states that will make abortion illegal if Roe is overturned. Thankfully, Tennessee is one of the 13 states making abortion illegal if Roe is overturned. Only these 13 states can call themselves free states because they have made the unborn no longer slaves and no longer the property of their mothers!
Those protesting aren’t pro-choice they are pro-abortion. Being for abortion isn’t being for choice. The one time choice of abortion takes away babies’ lifetime of choices. Surveys show that abortion is the unchoice because over half of abortions in America are unwanted or coerced. Surveys show women have an abortion because their family or friends pressure them or their boyfriend threatens to break up with them or kill them if they don’t. Men used to marry their girlfriend if she got pregnant but in 2022 men are more likely to threaten or force their girlfriend to get an abortion. Because of this now the number one cause of death of pregnant women is murder.
Christians and the government should incentivize women to protect the unborn and give birth. Not knowing if they will have baby formula encourages abortion. Because Christians’ goal is to protect the lives of the unborn, we must make it as easy as possible for women to go through pregnancy, give birth, and raise children or connect them with adoption services. Christians should support the hundreds of pregnancy care centers, like, which are located across the U.S. Angie Odom runs one in Elizabethton. In Proverbs 24:11 the Lord God commands to “rescue those who are being taken away to death.” We need to rescue both the unborn baby and their mother. The Bible says to love your neighbors. For 49 years Americans have failed to love our unborn neighbors. “Love your littlest neighbors!” Christians are the most pro-life, pro-mother pro-child and pro-love!

D.D. Nave

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