GOP is not the Grand Old Party of my grandfather

Published 2:43 pm Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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To the Editor:
The Republican party is not the grand old party of my grandfather. The party of Trump is all about retaining power, money and self-service. The money has corrupted the party and the system. They have forgotten they are to represent all the people. They favor wealth donors and corporations. Seniors and minorities are at the bottom of the list.
The Republican Party is wrong on abortion. This decision should be made with the woman with advice from her physician and family. This is a very difficult personal choice. There should be exceptions in the case or rape, incest, and the life of the mother. I say this because I worked 13 years in the District Attorney General’s office. One case was where a 24-year-old girl gave birth birth to her father’s daughter. I had a positive blood test of 99.9 percent proving that he was the father of the daughter’s little girl. That child should never have had to carry her father’s child to term. She should have been removed from the home, given an abortion and counseling. Her life was ruined. Worse yet, the girl was in in my office with her father’s daughter and the little girl said “Poppy hurt me?” Her father was molesting that child.
The United States ranks last overall in developed countries in maternal health. The United States ranks 33 of 36 in infant mortality. Socioeconomics inequality in the United States is a primary cause along with several other factors that can be helped. As a country we have to do better.
Even if you’ve always voted Republican, look up their voting records. Are they representing your values on the issues you care about? Every vote is important. Those who fought to give you that right expect you to vote. Personal freedom and our democracy is at stake. Remember January 6 and how we came close to losing our democracy vote. Our future depends on your choice.

Carolyn Tate Dugger

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